Client Settings - Source Priority?

Is Source Priority not available in the global Client Settings screen? Maybe I am missing it...

Nope I am waiting on this also as it affects tuner sharing ... if you have multiple HDHomeRun Devices set to different priorities on the clients then tuner sharing is not going to work.

That makes sense.

But I think at the very least, source priority should mirror the server-level source priority by default. I just purchased two new Apple TV 4K units. Both pulled in the sources in an order that wasn't even close to what I have configured in the server admin. So any time you have a new client, you are forced to go in and rearrange the sources. That seems pretty silly.

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Really? That’s unexpected. In the past Apple TV always used the order from the server on first launch. Perhaps this has changed recently…

Each Client is different on first startup they really need to fix this ... it is a waste of tuners. You have to go to each Client and set them.

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