Closed Captioning

Putting this here as a feature request since it seems AppleTV already has it so would have figured the FireTV would have gotten it already.

This is planned, but there are several technical challenges imposed by the Android video decoding APIs which make it non-trivial to implement.

Any status update on CCs on Fire TV?

Channels’ FTV app now has CC and obeys that system settings for display.

Here ya go: Closed Captioning

(Android TV and iOS apps have it, too.)

Thank you for that. I didn’t realize it was tied to the system accessibility settings. I was looking for a toggle with the OSD, perhaps with the selector for auidio tracks.

Now that I know what to look for, indeed the feature is there. Thanks.

There is a toggle w/in Channels. Hit “down” or the CMENU button. If Live: Go up and right. If recorded, just go right. There’s the toggle.

I believe support for alternative tracks, when they’re available, is planned.

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In iOS, I have noticed this toggle for CC there. However, on the Fire TV version the only thing there are the listing of audio tracks, not the CC toggle. On the other thread it’s mentioned that it’s tied to the system accessiblity settings, so I’ll have to check that when I get home.

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CC toggle is supposed to show up next to the audio tracks. What version of the app are you using?

Sorry for the delay in replying, I had been away from home for a bit and couldn’t test.

Actually, being away led me to realize what the issue was: I was using the remote DVR, and I bet that the transcoding does not handle closed captions. (Especially since it’s using ffmpeg, and their CC support for subtitle extraction and remuxing isn’t great.)

When viewing programming at home with no transcoding, the CC tracks are listed.

Correct. If you switch your DVR to software transcoding then the closed caption data will be copied over.