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I use AT&T TV as my provider. TV Anywhere says that I should get CNN. However I get login not supported. Is this an error within Channels?

Here are the provider specific threads.

There currently is none for "AT&T TV".

AT&T U-verse

AT&T TV NOW / Direct TV NOW If this is what you have, see this post

If you haven't already, I'd recommend updating your Channels DVR to the latest pre-release version by click and hold the Check for Update button on the DVR web UI.

Then edit your channel list and try to rescan on the single channels you have issues with.

I did that and still there are quit a few channels that do not work, despite Anywhere TV stating that they should.

Does it work on

No, it seems that they do not actually support AT&T NOW.

So you have AT&T TV NOW, not AT&T U-verse?

What makes you think TV Everywhere supports those channels that don't work for you?
Unless Anywhere TV you mention is something totally different than TV Everywhere.

See this link for supported channels

Well, on their website where Display the CNN logo and Logos of a Series of other channels I can not get.

Which website?
Can you post a link to it?
If you're talking about the TV Everywhere website , that just lists "possible" channels available. The channels you get will depend on your login provider as not all providers allow access to all channels.

Does it specifically say it includes not only those channels in your package, but also access via those channels' apps/websites?

Just because your cable/OTT package has a particular channel, it does not mean your subscription includes access via TV Everywhere. That access is usually negotiated separately.

(It is amusing, though, that AT&T and Warner Media can't get their programming in order, since they are all owned by AT&T right now ...)


I wonder why Time Warner was so stingy about giving tv everywhere access. I think Vue is the only one that allows it.

Vue may offer TVE access to CNN (and other Warner properties), but they are far from the only provider doing so.

I know from personal experience that both DirecTV and Charter/Spectrum offer TVE access to CNN, as well as numerous other Warner channels (like TBS, TNT, HLN, etc.).

XFinity/Comcast also offers CNN and all time Warner channels...on TV Everywhere.

Yes. PS VUE does support CNN. But Hulu and AT&T TV NOW does not.

I am not sure about AT&T TV (without the NOW) but based on OP it does not.

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I was referring to OTT providers

Please confirm you are talking about AT&T TV and not AT&T TV NOW. I know CNN (and other channels by same supplier) at NOT supported via TVE with NOW credentials. My guess is AT&T TV does not support it as well. I have both AT&T TV Now and PS Vue and Vue supports it.

The Op did say he is using Att tv now

I was replying to his original post. I understand some are confused about all of the names used by AT&T. But there is AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW. Using other names to refer to those two is not correct.

I use AT&T TV as my provider

He did confirm he is using Att tv now

Talk about confusing...
There's AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, AT&T Watch TV and AT&T U-verse according to Wikipedia and cordcutters. What's next, AT&T TV Later?

AT&T TV is Internet streamed to an Android TV set-top box from AT&T.

I have Att Watch and there is no TV everywhere support.