Commercial detection during replay hangs/pauses on AppleTV

Anyone else seen the issue where Channels AppleTV client will sometimes hang/pause when skipping over commercials?

It's intermittent, but it's now happened at least twice across two showings.

I did submit diagnostics last night shortly after it occurred. I'm running DVR pre-release: 2022.01.12.0438

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Which source and channel was the recording from?

This was from an MSNBC show (1113) and HDHomeRun Prime recording.

Happens randomly on plutotv channels as well.
Once its happened it does not repeat at the same position so I cannot replicate it enough to describe how to reproduce it so as to report it.

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It also didn't happen with the last stable release, it's only something that's been introduced recently.

The time index on-screen shows that the commercials have been skipped however it doesn't automatically restart playback after being skipped.

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I was able to record a little video of this behavior when it happened!

Also submitted diagnostics immediately (as can be seen in above video!)

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@tmm1 any thoughts on this?

If you go back and try to skip the commercial again, does it happen every time?

I will check next time it happens (Have that show set to delete for every other day).

But my gut says no, going back it skips the commercial just fine (FWIW)

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No. Its not repeatable.
As a sidebar issue, the timeline cursor 3 out of 5 times returns to the zero point.

I wonder if it's some legacy debugging code that can't write and thus blocks?