Commercial Detection setting per Recording/Pass

Still seeing the 404?

Yes sorry - exactly the same error as in my original screenshot.

Please try new prerelease in 20 minutes.

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I just put version 2021.03.15.2051 on, still getting the same 404.

Please click Support > Troubleshooting > Submit Diagnostics

Thanks - I've done that. Ref: 37f9cb5a-76e6-48d9-8996-09b6f497cb88

@tmm1 - good afternoon. Did you have any success with my diagnostics?

If you check the Network tab in the js console, can you see what the response body with the 404 is?

Response just says "404 Not Found"

This is a bug related to xmltv sources. It's going to take some work to fix.

One option in the meantime is turning off comskip on a per-channel basis. See Manual Recording with no ComSkip

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Thanks very much. Great to know it's been worked on. Thanks for the link to a per-channel approach, that would be useful in the interim.

Please try prerelease v2021.03.17.2328 to see if this is fixed.

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I only see 2021.03.17.2303 as the latest - do I just need to wait a bit?

Yea its uploading right now.

Okay its ready now.

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Still no go, but the behaviour has changed slightly. This was 3 presses on the "Detect Commercials" button.

Although when I got out of the show and come back into it, the setting does appear to be disabled.

Great, some progress.

Try with v2021.03.18.0005 in about 10 minutes.

Beautiful! It seems to be working now. I'll give it a test tonight with some program's I'm recording.

Plus that has also fixed all the options within a show (none of them worked before), for example I can now add to Favorites and so on. Thank you for sorting that so quickly!


Excellent. Thanks for your patience.

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