Commercial editing images broken unable to edit

click edit commercials and the editor loads with broken images with the following log error.
2023/03/10 12:32:12.757195 [ERR] Failed to generate preview @ 7251.39: signal: abort trap

All previous re-edit loads properly in the editor.
Can submit diagnostics if needed.

0.00s — 7.91s


Aspect: 1.31cut: blk

1.98 (00:00:01.98)3.96 (00:00:03.96)5.93 (00:00:05.93)

7.95s — 14.92s


cut: vol, blk

9.69 (00:00:09.69)11.44 (00:00:11.44)13.18 (00:00:13.18)

14.95s — 24.00s


Aspect: 1.31cut: vol, blk

17.21 (00:00:17.21)19.48 (00:00:19.48)21.74 (00:00:21.74)

Can you run these and see what it says:

/root/channels-dvr/latest/ffprobe -v

/root/channels-dvr/latet/ffmpeg -v

missing argument for option 'v'

command not found
when I change the above to latest I get the same response as ffprobe with additional message
Error spiltting the argument list: Invalid argument

Sorry its -version, but I just wanted to know if it ran and produced some output or was saying "signal: abort trap" also.

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run with version and I do get a big long list on both commands.

I do not get "signal abort trap"

Does dmesg show any details about the ffmpeg crashes (ffmpeg used to generate the thumbnails and is aborting)

now your getting into unknown territory for me because I don't know where to find that info.

TrueNAS running in a FreeBSD 13.1 jail

Does this show anything?

dmesg | grep ffmpeg

I get "dmesg: sysctl kern.msgbuf: Operation not permitted"

sudo dmesg | grep ffmpeg

sudo: command not found

Server on TrueNAS running in a FreeBSD 13.1 jail if that makes a difference.

Diagnostics submitted as e0087739-d58c-40f8-b5ab-ac8fecee18a3