Commercial skip button


Hey, I’ve got the Channels app on a 4k Fire TV (the new one) is there a button command to skip a commercial break like the other platforms yet?


Double click the right button and it will skip the the next mark in the timeline.


Great, thank you!


Double clicking the right button (>>) on my Fire TV Stick 4k remote does not skip to the next mark in the timeline.
It just advances two FF skips.

I tried in the non-commercial timeline and during a commercial break. I just get two FF skips.


On the FireTV remote you have to click right on the dpad circle. Clicking >> will always fastforward


Ah, thanks. It only works during the commercial break I see. I thought it might work during timeline like in the android app, when "]" and "[" work anywhere and advance to the beginning or end of the next commercial break.