Commercial skip not working on Apple TV

I’ve been using channels for a few months on my Apple TV’s and the only real issue I have is that commercial skip does not work half the time. Sometimes it will recognize a commercial and other times it will not. I’ve tried auto and manual commercial skipping. Is there a reason this feature is so unreliable? appvalley

It’s not 100% reliable, and likely never will be. It’s based on the comskip application.

Which aspect of commercial skipping are you referring to? Do you mean the accuracy of the third-party, not-developed by Channels, application that handles commercial detection? Or do you mean the application's implementation, and actually skipping across flagged commercial segments in a recording?

Your post seems to indicate displeasure with both aspects, but if you could be more specific, perhaps more targeted help could be offered.

Look at the timeline while watching things and you will probably see that the application is skipping correctly during the commercials it has index.

What you're likely seeing is incorrect commercial indexing. The app is working fine, but the commercial indexing hasn't indexed well for your program.

Commercial indexing isn't 100%. You can turn it off per show if you'd like via the Show Options. Find your show in the app or web admin and you can change the setting.

What about an option to turn off com skip per channel? For example BBC has no commercials and sometimes com skip thinks there is.

It has to be manually done at the moment:

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Thank you. Would be good to have a page with a list of tricks like these. I use a curl command to manually update guide data too.

The DVR's API is not public, and is not guaranteed to remain stable. So, while it (and other similar endpoints) works, that may not always be the case.