Commercial Skip - Turn off for Channel

I'd like to turn off commercial detection for channels w/o commercials (notably PBS). Is there a way to do that in one place vs. show by show? The only place I can find to turn off commercials for a show is in the AppleTV interface and it's a bit buried...


I second this request. I'd also like to customize commercial skipping on a per-show basis. Some shows I'd set to "automatically" skip, whereas some I'd set to require the "skip button," and others I'd just leave as "manually."

As best I can tell, this is currently only a global option in Settings > Playback.

Actually, after looking around in the web, iOS and AppleTV interfaces, I can't seem to find the option to set commercial skipping on/off on a per show basis anywhere. Looks like it's been removed. If someone can at least help me find that again it would be appreciated!

Rather than create an opportunity for endless micro settings, I think this is a great way to use some sort of "AI" where the server keeps a score for each show or channel (channel is probably good enough). The score would go up or down based on user input. If you consistently use the skip button or double click right without time-shift massaging immediately after, the score goes up. If you do a lot of adjusting immediately after or ignore the commercial markers all together, the score goes down. Then the system can be configured to play back based on score. Less fiddling this way.

On AppleTV, I go to “TV shows” in the sidebar.
Then click-and-hold on any recorded show(s) and choose “show options.” There is an option for “detect commercials” or “skip detection.”

What I would like to see added there is a separate setting, how to handle playback of those shows, whether to skip the detected commercials automatically or to require a confirmation click, etc.

You can disable Comskip in a channel-by-channel basis, but there is no UI for it. You must do it from the command line:

Got it. I can't seem to click and hold. I have to go to "Explore Show", "More" and "Show Options" to get there.

I'd add that setting a "macro setting" for a channel to enable/disable commercial detection would help avoid a lot of micro settings for individual shows. I agree that the commercial skip should learn based on how you respond to its selections but...the commercial detection is done via ComSkip and so outside Channels.

Thank you sir! I guess this gives me the excuse I need to figure out the command line...

How do you do this in terminal on mac? Looking to turn off com skip for a YouTube Custom Live Stream channel. It is TWiT.TV.

This is very useful, but I can't find any documentation on how to get into command line editing. I am using a windows 10 machine. Please tell me how to get there!

You open a command prompt, terminal, or however you access the command line in your OS. The template for the command is in the post I linked to above.

Got it,thanks. I appreciate the speedy reply!

Next,related question, is there a list of commands or operations that can be performed from the command line?