Constant freezing during Live TV

No I wouldn't, it's all working fine right now after I moved the NAS. No software change but a hardware move.

This is an interesting connection I didn’t make. I updated to Update 2 on 2/4. I also had no issues prior for over a year. The freezing seems to have started around the same time and I originally posted on 2/7 after experiencing the freezing issues for 3 days. Stopping and restarting the DVR didn’t help me. You might be on to something, Would a good test be to reinstall the GA Channels release and then monitor DiskStation resources after hitting a freeze?

CPU is at around 3%, memory around 50%. No issues this morning but I suspect that's because I don't record much on Saturday night. If there's a resource issue, perhaps it's during heavy recording time. I'll schedule recordings today and see how resources respond.

This morning there was no issue while nothing was recording. Tonight the issue has returned, very slow response, constantly freezing. This is while recording one show, which hasn't been a problem. CPU util at less than 10%, memory about 20% free. I've been meaning to add more RAM so I'll try that just to see if something in the NAS upgrade is using more memory.

I'm going to install more memory in my NAS, but before I do that, I checked this morning and free memory was at 20%. The DVR is the only app I run on my NAS. I updated to the current DVR version and that restarts the DVR (the NAS wasn't restarted, just the app). Free memory returned to 60%. One recording started. After 30 mins of recording, free memory as at 55%. After an hour, free memory was at 51%. I record one or two programs throughout the day, so I suspect that over the next day or so, my memory will have gone down to 20% again.

Update: after 5 hours, recording 1 program, memory down to 40%.

Update: after about 20 hours, recording a few programs overnight, now idle and at 20% memory.