Constant freezing during Live TV

Has anyone else experienced this the last couple days? I have a FTV 4K and a Synology DS218+. Latest DVR server, FTV app and NAS DSM. A recorded show does not have any freezing at all. While watching a live show it’s random but constant. There doesn’t need to be a commercial starting either. I tried changing from hardware decoding, which has been the setting for the past year, to software decoding, but this has had no affect. The system logs show nothing regarding playback issues. Is there another log I can send that may capture this? I have sent a few playback diagnostic logs via the app, but this is occurring consistently. I’m to the point where I can only watch a recorded show without ending the show and starting it again every few minutes.

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Could you try Settings > Support > Install Beta and see if it works with that app

Thanks for the quick reply. I installed the Beta. It was about 2 minutes and I got a freeze. Let me know if I can provide any additional info.

After the freeze, click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics > Video Player

Will do. I noticed that the Video Decoder was reset to Hardware in the app after the install. Should that be set to Software?

Hardware is fine if it works

Let me know when you submit and I will take a look

Will do. It’s been Hardware for the past year. The other thing I saw just now is after I closed the app, I got a low storage warning from the FTV, There is 550MB free so that is a little strange.

That could be causing the freezing. This was similar:

with .5 GB free? I haven’t seen that message before either.

Well live tv from OTA would be 8GB/hr so 500mb is almost nothing

You can go into Settings > Apps and see what's using storage and also clear cache for apps

The stream cache should loop, correct? I noticed I can only pause live for about 5 minutes or so. I cleared cache from any apps that had some and restarted the Beta, it went about 10 minutes before freezing. I have 547MB free and the app only has a few MB. 500MB must be the borderline for some reason. I submitted the Video player diagnostics.

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Okay that's very helpful to know. We can make sure we never use it when it's getting close, and hopefully that means the OS won't kill the buffer while you're watching.

I'll add this to the beta tomorrow.

Awesome. Thanks for your help!

Please try with the next beta (v2022.02.08.2052)

Updated the beta, cleared all app cache and started the app with 537MB available (slightly less than yesterday probably because both Beta and GA apps are installed). Immediately got the FTV low storage warning and clicked “Not Now”. Playback continued for 30 minutes until I ended it with no issues, which is probably the longest playback without a freeze in the past 3 days. I also uploaded the Video Player diagnostics in case you want them. Big improvement.


I used to have constant buffering and freezing for a long while. My setup consisted of an un-managed switch behind my TV to which an Android TV, Synology DS218+ and HD Homerun, TP-Link wifi extender were connected. My theory was all on the same Lan would help.
Through tinkering, I moved the NAS next to my router (middle of the house) and put those on an un-managed switch (I have Google wifi and a separate modem). This resulted in my TV stream running super smooth, no buffering at all. Transcoder 'Hardware' Deinterlacer 'Hardware' & Adaptive Streaming 'On'.
But it appears to me... Android TV looks for HD Homerum and hits it directly pulling the stream locally (LAN) and the server only used for recordings. Not sure why the server being on the same LAN would have caused issue though ?

This is the default behavior. If you would like everything to go through the DVR, then you need to enable tuner sharing in the clients (Settings > Playback > Advanced > Tuner Sharing).

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Don't know if this is relevant, but I've had the same issue on my Synology DS416Play starting immediately after Synology's update to DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 2. I've had zero problems until that update. Now, clients take over a minute to start up, often resulting in not being able to find the DVR, very slow loading of recordings, only being able to skip forward a few times before freezing for 30 seconds or more, and constant freezing every few seconds on live TV. Problem goes away for maybe a day after I stop and restart the DVR on the NAS. So, I'm restarting every day when there's been no problem for over a year. I have several TB space free. Running latest DVR server.

Does the activity monitor on DSM show cpu or Ram being maxed out?