Crashes lately

I’ve been having pretty frequent crashes to the Home Screen on my latest generation Apple TV 4K. Release version of the app. Submitted diagnostics just now - f4046a16-7a59-4e39-b97e-3382026dbc56.

I guess I’m the only one having this issue? It’s a daily occurrence now. Just submitted another set of diagnostics- 4521728d-d319-494e-ac8f-63ed23c1aaa3

Apple TV is hardwired gigabit. Seems to happen any time while in the player. Different content sources, recording or live. Haven’t been able to deduce a pattern.

I'm seeing this too. For a few weeks it would crash if I left the app on a channel and then turned off the TV. When I would come back and try to hit the Menu button to go back to the guide, it would crash to the Home Screen, but after entering the app again it would work fine. The past few days, even if I START at the Home Screen, the first time I use the Menu button for any reason, it crashes, but then it continues to work properly for the rest of the time I'm using the app. Haven't been able to figure out the pattern.

I can't find any pattern other than regardless of where I am in the app, or not EVEN IN the app, the first time I hit the Menu button I crash to the home screen. After that, the app works as expected so I just open the app, hit menu, crash and then I start watching TV.

For me it often happens when I’m not pushing any buttons at all. Just randomly happens while playing. Since using the beta I haven’t had it once so far…

Had a crash just a little bit ago using the Beta on my iPad. Perhaps it’s the same one that I’ve been seeing on Apple TV. Like an idiot I forgot to immediately submit diagnostics after starting the app back up but I did choose to send the crash data via Testflight so maybe it’ll be helpful. Just submitted diagnostics from the app too in case the crash is still in there.

Just had an occurrence on beta 10.17.2000. Submitted diagnostics.

I have been having trouble with my 2nd gen apple TV. I think it might be related to tvos15. Have you guys updated to tvos15?

Yes. But I have been having these issues for several months now, so not related to tvos 15, at least for me.

Still having pretty much daily crashes on both tvos and iOS, using TestFlight. I’m hoping TestFlight is able to capture these to send to you?

Can you try with experimental audio

Will try and report back.

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I have a crash almost every time I do the following:

  • Open channels and navigate around a bit (not sure if I have to start watching something or not to trigger this issue)

  • Navigate back to the main Apple TV Home Screen

  • Attempt to open Channels app again. This almost always results in the splash screen ("preparing tv') showing for a few seconds folliowed by the it crashing going back to the Apple TV Home Screen

This has been the case for several months.

Could you pull the crash reports from your device and email to [email protected]

I sent the log and submitted diagnostic from the app last night UK time.

It wasn’t especially clear which file to choose but I think I got the right one but let me know if you need others / more.

The logs you sent are very weird. Almost like something is wrong with your Apple TV.

You said the app doesn't even launch or get to a purple screen or show the tv logo? Crashes before our code even runs it sounds like.

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Interesting, yes, the second loading of the app, it doesn’t open it crashes back to the homescreen.

Normally I’ve noticed it getting to the preparing your tv splash screen before crashing. But when I tested yesterday it didn’t even get that far.

We’ve got some HomeKit (specifically HKSV) issues. I wonder if they could be related?!


I’ve done a software reset on my Apple TV. Having done that and reloaded everything this issue isn’t occurring anymore. So whatever it was, it appears to have been dealt with in that process.


I also want to say thank you for your help here because we'd been experiencing some other weirdness with our ATV and you noting that there was something going wrong prompted me to do the full restore which has fixed those other issues too. No idea what caused it or what was wrong, but things are good now.


Just happened to me. Diagnostics submitted. Thanks.

@tmm1 happening often again. just happened while watching a recording at 1.25x, diagnostics sent. thanks.