Crashing on Fire Stick after watching for a while

I am using a firestick 4k with hardware decoding enabled. The Channels 2.17 software Using the lastest beta DVR software. it seems to crash after around 30 - 40 minutes. Should I be using software decoding instead? Just seem to start when I update to 2.17 software.

Please submit crash diagnostics right after the issue happens

from the firestick?? It maybe tough because I have to hold home button to get to the menu

I switched to software decoding in the App and waiting to see if that stops it.

Inside the app, on the Player Settings tab click Submit Diagnostics

Will do if possible. When it crashes it gives a purple screen. Sometimes it ask to exit or something else but i can't do anything except hold the home key and go back in. when I go back in it wont play anything. Sometimes it says no tuner availible and then I restart the firestick to make it work. Will try on next crash.

Just crashed using Hardware Decoding. Sent Diagnostics. Not sure if you will see anything since I had to hold home and go back into the app. The other Firestick that is using Software decoding is still playing on the same channel. Please let me know if you received them ok.

2019/11/09 16:10:23 [WRN] Buffer for 1327134F ch502 is more than 50% full (clients=2, len=16777684)
2019/11/09 16:10:27 [WRN] Buffer for 1327134F ch502 is more than 75% full (clients=2, len=25165868)
2019/11/09 16:10:30 [WRN] Buffer for 1327134F ch502 is more than 95% full (clients=2, len=31877468)
2019/11/09 16:10:31 [WRN] Buffer for 1327134F ch502 is more than 99% full (clients=2, len=33219788

I am seeing this in the logs for another firestick on a hardwired connection that also uses hardware decoding

Try with Tuner Sharing off.

Is your dvr on Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

Ethernet It had worked with Tuner Sharing on until this update. It seems not to like hardware decoding turned on. Do you want me to turn Sharing OFF and HW decoding ON?

Sent crash report again using Hardware Decoding with Tuner Sharing Off

Thanks. Try SW decoding now.

When I use Software decoding it plays fine. Played for over 3 hrs. before I stopped it. On Hardware it plays 20 - 40 mins

I can share tuners using software decoding with no issues other than some channels have issues while watching fast pace sports using software decoding.

I have been using the latest fire tv cube for the first time and it’s crashed 4 time’s - it just slows down after about 30 minutes. It’s also notably slower to load than on the Apple TV.

I tried to switch to software decoding but it freezes when you go to settings it freezes - to such an extent it needed a power cycle. This has also happened twice. I was planning to switch from the apple tv but that app seems very unreliable ...