Cube v3 vs Cube v2 vs Max

Early Prime Day deals are here again so what is the preferred Fire client? I've got the family using Maxs and I'm using a Cube v2. The Cube v3 doesn't seem so great upon closer inspection, particularly the USB 2.0 that I assume will bottleneck Channels pause buffer. Should I stick with what I have?

The newest Cube has ethernet and also has an HDMI input.

Fire TV Cube v3 is working well for me.

Are you using a flash drive for your pause buffer? (I'm still trying to figure out why the Cube v3 has a USB 2.0 port when Amazon recommends USB 3.0 flash drives be used on Fire TV devices. SMH)

I only use USB 3.0 FlashDrives for everything. Including the buffer.

No, I was not aware of this option.

I grabbed a Cube v3 plus the Pro Remote and aside from some occasional slight lag while seeking, it is noticeably snappier than my refurbished Cube v2 with a Ugreen USB 3.0 hub plus gigabit LAN.


Does your Cube V2 work well with ChannelsDVR? I have not found a voice command that will open it. Commands Pause and Resume work about 25% of the time. Voice commands work well with other streaming apps.. Thanks.

Launch "Channels DVR APP" ... Channels Has poor Alexa Support to pause I say "Hit Select" to resune I say "Hit Select"

I rarely use voice commands, though that may change now that my issues have been resolved (by upgrading to the Cube v3).

Thank you, those work well. I accidentally learned just ‘Select’ works for me as well. Controlling audio works as I’d expect. Have you learned any commands for Rewind and Fast Forward? Is there a list of other commands that are helpful? Again, I appreciate your help.