Custom Channel Logos. Share or Request

maddox suggested that I start a new thread for channel logos, so here we go.

go ahead and share your logos, OR feel free to request custom logos and I'll try to make them when I have extra time.

I have a movie channel, a paranormal (bigfoot, ufo, etc tv shows) channel, one with kids stuff, and special seasonal channels like a Halloween channel that includes all the random Halloween stuff like pumpkin carving, baking, etc.

here is a link to the existing batch of my logos; Imgur: The magic of the Internet

How to create a virtual channel: Channels Support - Virtual Channels

Channels uses the Clear Art type (4:3 aspect) for network logos. Channels expects these sizes and your Virtual Channels’ network logos may look wrong unless you provide an image with the correct aspect.

General Image Manipulation Program:


Two more Spooky Logos for Halloween

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This is great! Would you be willing to share a template file that we could manipulate in gimp so that we don't have to recreate the wheel? Much easier to edit something rather than creating :blush:

here ya go

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James Bond Channel / Category logo


Christmas logo for those virtual channels / collections

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With 12 seasons, there is a lot of content for your Murder, She Wrote virtual channels.

Now, here's a logo