Custom Channels

I have managed to add an internet stream as a custom channel and it works fine. I would like to add the EPG data (and, if possible a logo). Is there an easy, step-by-step guide anywhere? I realise I am not that tech savvy and find some of the support documents tricky to understand.

If it’s significant, the channel in question broadcasts in SD on Freeview through my HDHomeRun so is there a way to copy the epg data from that to the HD stream?

Thanks for any advice


The easiest way would be:

  1. when setting up the custom channel, leave the epg section blank
  2. click the gear icon next to your new source, and select manage lineup
  3. click the plus icon next to the channel
  4. click the gear icon next to the text box and select "Search All Lineups"
  5. type the name of the channel and select the proper logo

Brilliant! Thank you so much.