Delay when accessing the giude

the new ui is much slower on all of my 4k fire sticks. When navigating to the guide it takes about 2 seconds after pressing button on remote. The old ui was instant.

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I too find it more sluggish then the old ui ... The side panel I made it as minimalistic as I could. A few
Items repeat. I find the Library section ,onnow, guide and schedule is all I need. Search does not work too well hardly ever works so I removed that.

I also find it slower on my fire tv 4k stick and fire tv cube. It also takes much longer to start the app than it used too.

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Its almost unusable on my firesticks... I want the old version back!

Can you submit diagnostics after the issue occurs?

I did submit the diagnostics yesterday. Not sure if you got it.

I'm feeling the same way now and may look into how to do that. But I'm hoping support can figure it out.

Can you elaborate? So you mean clicking guide on the sidebar? Or clicking something to watch?

For example, I'm watching tv now and I clicked the down arrow on the remote to bring up the quick guide and it took about 5 seconds for the guide to show. Then I clicked the back arrow to go to the full guide and it took about 3 to 4 seconds. In the old version, there was no delay.

There is no delay after the guide appears just when changing to it from live tv.

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Gotcha. I do see something off in the diagnostics which would explain what you're seeing. Can you submit it one more time after seeing that delay so I can compare against your previous diagnostics

I did submit a report last night.

Also having this exact issue, diagnostics log submitted.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Now when accessing the guide the fire tv app crashes all together this happens almost every time I open the app from a fresh start. Some help would be appreciated! Log submitted once again.