Delay when changing channels

With yesterdays update comes new problems. I now have a 4 second delay when I select a new channel from the guide. Wheel spinning while delay, then the show(OTA) starts playing. Happens with every channel change.

Only happening on the AppleTV(HD4thgen) 14.4, not on my iPad, iPhone or windows 10.
This started 4/17/21 when my channels updated to 4.5.1, HDHR5 is on firm ....227

Can you submit diagnostics after it happens

Submitted 2021/04/19 12:10:48.652794

8e237.... not B

Does it take a long time to start playing back recordings too?

Can you sign up for TestFlight on and install one of the older builds to see if it tunes into channels fast.

No, dvr plays instantly

Ok, have Testflight installed on AppleTV now says need an invite

Beta 4.20.2 works both live tv and dvr are quick.
1 second now instead of 5+seconds for the live tv channel changes(tuning)

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This is happening to us as well. No DVR. Tried experimental settings on and off with no change. Only happened with latest update. Long delay when starting or changing channels.

I'm seeing this as well. I submitted a diagnostic report this morning.

Same for me as well. 5+ seconds to change channels for OTA (HDHR) channels. This is while on my home network (wired) with playback set to Original bitrate.

I can confirm the same…

Apple TV 4K, Channels v4.5.1 (~5+ second delay with OTA channel changes)
Apple TV HD, Channels v4.5.0 (~2 seconds)

Channels DVR v2021.04.27.2302

I see the same long delay changing channels. Wheel spins for about 5 seconds between each channel. Apple TV 4K running 14.5 and latest release version of Channels.

ATV 4K Latest and Beta 4.22.1939 no delay running 14.5.

Please go into the AppStore and install 4.5.2

When I check on my Apple TV it says I am running the latest version. No update offered.

BTW, I am running Channels Plus, not Channels DVR.

Confirming 4.5.2 now 1.3 seconds or less for channel changes and even quicker for DVR playback.
Beta 4.27.2221 same amount of time.
Both using AppleTV 14.4

I deleted the app, then reinstalled and got 4.5.2. Channel changes much faster now. Thank you!