Deleted recordings re-appear intermittently

Sometimes when deleting recordings they will re-appear in the recordings list right after the list is refreshed. This is very intermittent and seems to happen mostly when I am deleting multiple recordings. I then have to delete it again. I am running on a second gen fire tv cube.

Which list on which screen are you deleting from?

I am going into the Recordings list under the main menu and deleting them from there. We typically delete each one after we finish watching it from that same list.

Firestick 4K, RECORDINGS.

If I play a recording to the end, and then delete it, it will go away.

If I stop playing before the end (because the program content is over), and select delete, it often reappears, and has to be deleted again. It always goes away on the second delete.

That would make sense as we have the recordings set to stop one minute after the end time so we rarely watch them to the very end.

Actually I found that this is not always the case. I am seeing the same intermittent issue when I delete a recording that has never been watched. Also sometimes when I am deleting several recordings back to back one that I just deleted will re-appear after it removed the next one that I just deleted and then I have to delete the one that re-appeared again. Other times the same thing works perfectly. Very random.

You're not crazy. I have had some odd deleting behavior on my firestick 4k as well. It doesn't happen every time as it's not really a problem as I just have to delete it again and it goes away. It just doesn't always disappear the first time I try to delete it. I'll try to pay more attention to when this happens and I'll report back here if that can help at all.

Same here.

If you selected More > Trash from the Recordings screen, it would not disappear from the list. If you clicked the Trash button next to More, it would disappear.

With the latest beta (v5.21.2033) this issue should be fixed.

I don't think that will fix my issue as we always use the Trash button next to the More button. We never click on the More button first.