Did something change with Up Next in latest server betas?

I updated to the most recent server beta 2020.09.01.2012 and on tvOS, iOS and the web UI Up Next is showing only 8 programmes, where as before it showed about 2-3 times as many. Did something change? I noticed this starting with the previous 2020.09.01.XXXX (sorry can't remember the exact build number) and tried updating to the latest to see if it would change anything.

Shows which have not been watched yet will no longer appear in Up Next. This was in preparation for ALPHA: Import TV local content into DVR

We plan to do more iterations on Up Next in the near future. So please do report any bugs like this one if you notice them.

Are the missing programs ones that you have not watched yet? Do you prefer them to still be visible like before?

Thanks for the update @tmm1. I think that screen might be missing some programmes that we've already started watching but not 100% sure. It has always been convenient that the Up Next screen has been more or less a blend of Recently Recorded and episodes that are Up Next in the truer sense of the term...it saves having to go to different screens.

I will say there were many shouts when the family sat down to watch television this evening: "Stop beta testing Channels!!!" haha. Usually server updates don't affect clients so much, but tonight I got a bit burnt. :grimacing: So for this household, I'd say yes they very much prefer the Up Next screen as it was.

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If you could submit diagnostics from the dvr, this new build has extra logs about up next to help us tweak the algorithm.