Direct home shortcut to live TV (Nvidia shield)

We use dual hdhomerun's prime and shields throughout the house. I would like to make things as simple as possible for my elderly mother & father in law. Is there a shortcut I can place on the shield home screen that will simply go to live tv?? I know I can set a remote shortcut to go to live tv once inside live channels. But a home screen shortcut that simply goes to live tv would be even better, is this possible??

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

I second this. My mom can't seem to grasp the system, not that I'm much better.

I think what we would need is an option to configure what screen Channels starts on, with Live TV being one of those options.

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Yes definitely, that would solve the problem, I am surprised this in not an option already..looked all over, no such an option at this time.

Channels supports Android TV's "Home Screen Channel" feature. In theory it'd be a good solution here, providing a row of TV channels and what they're currently showing directly on the home screen (and can be setup to show your favorite channels).

Unfortunately it seems to probably have a bug where it fails to update what is currently showing on these channels ( I reported here: Home Screen Channel not updating ) so YMMV.

Otherwise it could provide a very simple interface for e.g. the elderly: select a channel on the home screen and begin watching. If switching to another channel with e.g. the guide is confusing, simply bounce back to the home screen again and select another one.