Directors and Cast

New advanced pass searches available in Channel DVR v2019.10.23.2154! Advanced search

Like Tags, Categories and Genres, these work, but appear to also be cAsE sensitive AND require a full Proper Name.

lowercase doesn't work.
partial names (just first or last) don't work.

i.e. MUST USE Alfred Hitchcock, Jennifer Aniston, Michael J. Fox, etc.

Uploading new build now which makes Tags/Categories/Genres/Directors/Cast etc all work case-insensitive. Will be in v2019.10.24.0125 and will auto-reindex on upgrade.


You're spoiling us!
I don't know of any other developers that respond and fix things as fast as you guys do, you ROCK!

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Spoke too soon. That version isn't working for Directors and Cast, Tags/Categories/Genres also not working now.

Realized I just missed a recording while I was regressing to the previous version on both my NAS's.
Fortunately it's a PBS and I can figure out how to re-record it.

Ooops, good catch!

Uploading v2019.10.24.0225 now

I'll wait it out until tomorrow. I should have known better.

I have two NAS's, one is an experiment for TVE only, the other is my daily driver for HDHR Prime recordings and I updated them both at the same time.

My daily driver missed a recording, so I set it back to v2019.10.23.2154 so it can finish its scheduled recordings tonight and the TVE NAS is back to v2019.10.24.0043.

Bummer. Turns out making search case-insensitive wasn't that straightforward. I guess that's why I've been avoiding it.

Everything should be working now but let me know if you notice any other weirdness.

Yes, I can understand having to develop something Internationally using different languages can be difficult.
I was just thinking in terms of unicameral script for english, where capitalization wouldn't matter for searching and case folding could be used.
i.e. lowercase(A)="a" everything in the indexes and lowercase(A)="a" all search terms to look it up.

I do understand GB is different than Gb when you're talking abbreviations for bits and bytes and that GB is also an abbreviation for Great Britain. But I also think most people who search for "gb" wouldn't be surprised to see those results.

Not sure what other localizations (Languages) Channels uses.

The lowercase changes had to be rolled back due to too many unintended consequences.

However, in v2019.10.24.2035 there is auto-complete which should help:


Excellent! I have been really missing the old Eyetv Smart Guide that let you search for cast members and descriptions.

Is searching for terms in show descriptions still too CPU intensive to do?

Searching descriptions is possible now too. There is a Summary matcher on Advanced Passes

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