DirecTV API?

Hi all,

Relatively new user here and love the service. I’m running a HomeRun for OTA and serving via a Synology server. I’m also a DirectTV subscriber and I’m not completely sure how I’m getting DIRECTV - is it a direct API? I also see I can’t do this on Plex, so how does Channels do this magic? Hope it’s not a dumb question, but I’ve been a bit flummoxed...


See What is TV Everywhere?

Thanks, so is that a DirecTV API? Because if I attempt to pull content directly from DirecTV - through their app- quality is considerably lower. It’s just a big mysterious still...

That page explains how TV Everywhere feature works. It is not related to any DTV API and the video is not coming from DirecTV.

Thanks for your help, very interesting and works very nicely w/ your app....I’m really impressed w/ Channels !

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