Directv Stream & NFL Network/ RedZone

DTVStream will have NFL network starting 7/17/23. Is channels ready to add it? I scanned today and got the “no login form” error.

And of course RedZone is just around the corner :blush::blush:

NFL isn't listing DirecTV Stream as a provider yet Watch NFL Network

When NFL Network become available, is there a TVE stream for CDVR??

If DirecTV Stream allows TVE access to the NFL Network and you can login and stream at the NFL Network site with your DirecTV Stream credentials (provider should appear as DIRECTV STREAM), then rescan the NFL channel in Channels DVR and it should work.

I have the NFL Network in my Xfinity cable subscription, but they don't offer TVE access to it, so Xfinity doesn't appear as a provider to select at the NFL site. So I can't get NFL with Channels DVR TVE.

NFL redzone and NjFL network are live on TVE.
The channel won't available until the launch on yoru service.
Vidgo has both networks already.


I think once they do offer NFL Network on the 17th it will be available to channels since they DO offer TVE access for DTV Sat. There's really no reason why they wouldn't for stream. I guess I will know in 7 days lol

I have service on Vidgo and NFL Network and Redzone are both set up on TVE.
If you order Vidgo through Earthlink Live TV
You can get the plus plan for $5.00 less. I'm counting 146 Channels on TVE with NFL Network and Redzone plus Pac-12 plus the usuals.
My total cost per month out the door is $64.95.

So DirecTV Stream is broadcasting NFL Network now. has this been added to Channels TVE yet?

No way for Channels DVR TVE to authenticate (with DIRECTV STREAM) and stream it yet.

If and when the NFL Network adds DIRECTV STREAM as a TVE provider at their website, just follow the directions below to add it. Could be that DIRECTV STREAM hasn't negotiated TVE access for the NFL Network, or they did and it will just take awhile for it to appear on the NFL Network website. You could contact Directv Stream and ask them.

Appears they just added Xfinity as a provider at the NFL Network website, so I should be able to add it to Channels DVR now.

Works for other providers that can be authenticated at their website.

See this Knowledge Base Article for an understanding of how Channels DVR TVE works
About TV Everywhere

Try now at their website

I was able to login in their site, but when I tried to rescan and add it to channels, I got this weird error message- 403 Forbidden: {"errorCode":403,"errorReason":"Forbidden","id":"70eed4f7-e45c-4d5c-9e55-6c6d8f90f6b2","message":"Error in asset request","decoration":{"plans":{"mvpd":{"userAllowed":false,"packages":{"MVPD - LIVE (NON CBS)":{"accessible":true,"rule_name":"MVPD (All Territories)"}}},"nfl_plus":{"userAllowed":false,"packages":{"NFL_PLUS - NFL NETWORK":{"accessible":false,"conditions":[{"field":"token.formFactor","satisfied":false,"expected":"MOBILE_PHONE"},{"field":"token.formFactor","satisfied":false,"expected":"MOBILE_WEB"},{"field":"token.countryCode","satisfied":true,"expected":"US"},{"field":"token.dmaCode","satisfied":true,"expected":["{{asset.dma_codes}}"]}],"rule_name":"Mobile Web and App"}}},"nfl_plus_premium":{"userAllowed":false,"packages":{"NFL_PLUS - NFL NETWORK":{"accessible":false,"conditions":[{"field":"token.formFactor","satisfied":false,"expected":"MOBILE_PHONE"},{"field":"token.formFactor","satisfied":false,"expected":"MOBILE_WEB"},{"field":"token.countryCode","satisfied":true,"expected":"US"},{"field":"token.dmaCode","satisfied":true,"expected":["{{asset.dma_codes}}"]}],"rule_name":"Mobile Web and App"}}}}}}

Getting the same thing using Xfinity.

Nothing we can do until the developers look into it.
Best advice is to submit diagnostics from the DVR web UI and report it.
The more users reporting the same issue, the more likely they are to fix it.

Logs have been submitted

Try updating to the latest DVR pre-release and rescan the NFL channel.
Don't know if they snuck a fix in the pre-release or something changed at the NFL Network site, but I was just able to scan and add the NFL Network on two DVR servers w/Xfinity TVE.

Working now :smiley:


unfortunately it has stopped working again. now gettin "No login form found" :frowning:

Also getting the "No Login Form Found" error

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Must be Directv Stream auth servers.
Just reauthed channel 6192 and it's playing for me using Xfinity.

I’ll try it again when I get home.

I officially moved my server to Ubuntu yesterday and have a few other kinks to work out so it may be related to that as well.

Still not working :frowning:
Im fairly certain its because when CDVR tries to authenticate, NFL Network is redirecting first to the directv sign in page and awaiting a password.

EDIT- see next post. Issue is cookies not password