Dish network stopped working on TVE

All the sudden channels quit working and tried to rescan channels and even remove and reconnect and it simply won’t go to login page. Tried a website where I can login to provider aka watch ESPN and won’t bring up login page. Anyone else having trouble with dish? I know it’s prob on dishes side

Dish is down due to a cyber security event. From the articles I've read, most services are currently impacted.

The TVE for ESPN still down on Dish Network. Is this still related to the cyber security event a couple of days ago?

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Yes it is and that’s how I first caught it

Has anyone else on Dish Network got their ESPN channels back yet? Mine are still showing authz retires failed.

@tmm1 @maddox Can you confirm if there is an issue with the TVE settings, or if there is still something going on with ESPN directly?

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Can you login on the EPSN website with Dish and watch?


Yes, I can.

I try to rescan, but it still isn't working through Channels:


Try Update Password from the gear icon next to Dish

I’m having this same issue. ESPN works fine for me from the website if I select DISH and lets me watch but on channels I get the authz error. I think ESPN might have turned off authentication temporarily for Dish customers but can not confirm. I can watch from my ESPN account though

I can also confirm selecting Dish network allows my Fox locals and all Fox stations to work from the site. Is there any way to make Channels work? Who knows how long things will be down for Dish... :frowning:

Does work?

Yes and the local also works in Channels DVR

I guess you can try removing and readding Dish source

No luck still the same although weirdly FS1 FS2 and Big Ten Network do show up but ESPN does not even though it works from the website and my Fox Local does not

Same goes for me exactly and a bunch of garbage channels. Tried removing and reading dish rescanning. Nothing works so I just got a fubo tv membership for a 7 day free trial until this is figured out. Very pleased with fuboTV

Well I just wish it would be fixed within channels. Seems like a script issue of some sort.

I think there's still a problem at Dish.
I can select any provider at and I'm taken to their login page. Except for Dish.
Here's the page to pick a provider

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There is but they are allowing open authentication. Channels should know that the stream is authorized in this condition.