Distro TV free channels

Hey @Fofer , i had been using the combined DeltaSR95 list to access some Distro channels along with a reliable EPG. The combined list has been taken down.

Have you found an alternate source for the EPG for the distro playlist.

I have one station on the plex playlist (its on both playlists) that has terrible EPG info. Trying to find an alternate source for the EPG.

That combined list was fantastic, sorry to see go. I have the list saved on M3u4u, but the guide data for everything is trashed.

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No. Let us know if you find one.

Will do

i make docker for you fofer


Indeed you did! Millie / vlc-bridge-distrotv · GitLab


make update add epg

latest docker now push

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Yes, it works!

I'd suggest adding to README.md info about "http://localhost:7777/distrotv/epg.xml"

Thank you!

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Distro Tv and Xumo are sharing the same port address

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Thanks for this, but I've noticed the guide data isn't properly formatted like other sources' EPGs are. Every channel's show title is being replaced by the channel's name, so browsing the grid isn't informative:

you control port, docker -p 7778:7777

i check it thx


copy same look like distrotv website

i make change for you. new docker now


Thank you :grinning:

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Thank you, I updated and now it's working great :crown:


@miibeez This is great, thank you! I'm having one small issue.

The guide XML puts out the timestamps like this.
<programme start="20230411150000" stop="20230411170000" channel="ftf-sports" clumpidx="0/1">

But the expected/standard datetime format would look more like this
<programme start="20230411150000 +0000" stop="20230411170000 +0000" channel="ftf-sports" clumpidx="0/1">


sorry i make fix

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This is great. But I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that this is safe to use? I don't mean to insult anyone. I just want to be sure I'm not installing malware.

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I merged multiple containers provided by @miibeez into one (also removed nuitka)
To run multiple providers from a single container here is the script


by default it builds for xumo and distrotv. More can be specified on the command line. All the additional variables required by a specific container can be specified when running.

All providers are listed on the home page on port 7777


It's a fair concern, I feel very much the same, but I've been running a bunch of these for weeks and have seen no noticeable ill effects.

I have an issue : docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for registry.gitlab.com/miibeez/vlc-bridge-distrotv:latest not found.

For some reason, I, too sometimes had problems when I used the "latest" tag in the Docker Run. I found that if I manually did the pull and then did the Docker run without the latest, it worked fine.