Custom Channels Master List *Update 5/12/23*

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This is a master list of community projects, custom channels and hacks. Information is right-ish. I did not make any of these projects. It is merely a compilation for quick reference. Please direct all questions to the appropriate forum thread, link provided.

This list is meant to supercede the old master list I made at

Forum Post:< Non-Docker source for PlutoTV and Stirr m3u playlists and EPG>

Pluto is based on docker made by @madox and stirr is based on work done by @robbiet480


Website: &

Matt has a lot of custom channels. The following links are only to some of his more popular. Please check out his website for all of them

*PBS broken do to DRM, please use


Pluto only have one user per station, so it causes major issues. People should either be using their own Dockers or the @HankLloydRight method


Stirr only have one user per station, so it causes major issues. People should either be using their own Dockers or the @HankLloydRight method

Frndly TV (subscription required)
Forum Post:

Forum Post: &

YouTube Live Streams : Please follow forum link on instructions

Settings -> Basic Setup -> Add Source -> Custom Channels
Nickname: Youtube Live
Stream Format: HLS
Source: URL
Options -> Refresh URL daily

Example Streams: Not Maintined. Will probably be defunct in future
Nature Relaxing:



Donation: Need a Donation Link
Millie has made Docker containers that allow you to stream Level News, Distro TV, Xumo, USTVNow, BTV, TugoTV & PBS. Also all of her dockers are set to use port 7777. As a result if you use more then one of her dockers you will need to modify the port. ex: 7778:7777

Tugo (Subscription required):

$ docker run -d -e '[email protected]' -e 'TUGOTV_PASS=secret' -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-tugotv

(BBC), Channel 4, Blaze, My 5, UKTVPlay, ITV (Account Required):

$ docker run -d -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-uk
$ vlc http://localhost:7777/bbc/playlist.m3u

ITV Login

$ docker run -d -p 7777:7777 -e 'ITV_USER=[email protected]' -e 'ITV_PASS=secret' --name vlc-bridge-uk
$ vlc http://localhost:7777/itv/playlist.m3u


$ docker run -d -p 7777:7777


$ docker run -d -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-xumo

Local BTV: (Free account Required)

$ docker run -d -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-btv


$ docker run -d -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-distrotv

Level News (subscription required):

$ docker run -d -e '[email protected]' -e 'LEVELNEWS_PASS=secret' -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-levelnews

USTVNOW (Subscription Required):

$ docker run -d -e '[email protected]' -e 'USTVNOW_PASS=secret' -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-ustvnow

Donation: Need Donation Link
Forum Post:

Docker that allows you to stream your ESPN subscription into Channels DVR. This is stupidly awesome and popular

docker run -p 8000:8000 -v config_dir:/app/config m0ngr31/eplustv

if you run into permissions issues

docker run -p 8000:8000 -v config_dir:/app/config -e PUID=$(id -u $USER) -e PGID=$(id -g $USER) m0ngr31/eplustv

There are many variables that can be used with this docker. Going over each variable goes beyond the intention of this thread. Please consult for a list of variables

With variables it can use ESPN Plus, ESPN 1, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC, SECPLUS, ACCN, ACCNX, Longhorn, Fox Sports & MLB. Variables also allow for the modification of start channel, max resolution, and a few others.

Donation: Venmo: @crackers8199
Forum Post:

This is for all of the Baseball fans. Import MLB.TV into Channels DVR. I have not used this because I do not like baseball. But I am sure some of yall do. lol

@Jnewland made HLS Tube , @Fofer & @PsPerry both have topics discussing its usage.

Donation: Need donation link for jnewland
Forum Post:

HLS Tube + YouTube Live or Twitch + Custom Channels allows you to bring in YouTube Live videos into Channels DVR


StrmLinks for Live Channels
Forum Link:

These are not regular custom channels. These will give you TV Guide of desired channel. If you click the guide to play, it opens a external app to play the stream. As such you cannot DVR these. This is just a work around since NBC/Peacock owned stations switched there TVE stations to DRM

Source: Custom Channel
Stream Format: STRMLNK
Source: Text


#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="nbc" tvg-chno="6000" tvc-guide-stationid="10991",NBC

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="bravo" tvg-chno="6058" tvc-guide-stationid="58625",BRAVOHD

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="msnbc" tvg-chno="6050" tvc-guide-stationid="64241",MNBCHD

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="cnbc" tvg-chno="6051" tvc-guide-stationid="58780",CNBC

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="syfy" tvg-chno="6054" tvc-guide-stationid="58623" ,SYFYHD

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="usa" tvg-chno="6052" tvc-guide-stationid="58452",USAHD

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="e" tvg-chno="6056" tvc-guide-stationid="61812",E

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="oxygen" tvg-chno="6060" tvc-guide-stationid="70522",Oxygen

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="golf" tvg-chno="6159" tvc-guide-stationid="61854",GOLF

Donation Link:

Docker: Pluto

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name pluto-for-channels -p 8080:80 jonmaddox/pluto-for-channels

Docker: TubeSync

StreamLinks Collection

Donation Link: Need donation link
Forum Post:

This is a tool to help intigrate Fantasy Baseball from Yahoo into Channels DVR.

Website: Need website
Donation Link: Need Donation Link
Forum Post:

This is a NOT a custom channel but wanted to include it anyway. It is a custom dark theme for Channels DVR. This is for people who hate the color purple because they where traumatized by a deranged purple dinosaur as a child. Barney still gives me nightmares 30 years later. LOL.

Outside Community. . . We cannot help you. . . Not Endorsed

The following sources are not supported by any community member or Channels DVR. Do not comment here about the following stuff not working.

Outside Community. . . We cannot help you. . . Not Endorsed
Forum Post:
Has links to many m3u files. Some are linked here. Some are not. There is no representative from apsattv on CDVR forum that I am aware of. So. . . . Um. . . . If they do not work. Do not post here. We cannot help. These streams may/may not be legitimate/legal. These streams do NOT have epg/xml files. (Guide data)

Outside Community. . . We cannot help you. . . Not Endorsed

Has links to many m3u files. There is no representative from IP-TV Org on CDVR forum that I am aware of. So. . . . Um. . . . If they do not work. Do not post here. We cannot help. These streams may/maynot be legitimate and/or legal.

Channels DVR does not support M3U longer then 500 channels. You may need to edit the m3u file for CDVR to work with it. Again, this is not the forum to discuss iptv-org. I am simply linking in case anyone wants to explore it.

These are known to often break, stop working, disapear, re-appear.

Edit: 5/15/23
Added BBC docker link for user @miibeez . Added link to user Fofer for downloading youtube videos automatically

Edit: 5/18/23
. Under @HankLloydRight section. Added quote for modifying default channel number. Added credit to @maddox and @robbiet480 for making the files that HankLoydRight based his work on. Do my best to remeber to credit everyone.

. Under @matthuisman. PBS broken do to DRM. Disclaimer added to Pluto & Stirr about stream limits.

. Under @m0ngr31 added alternite docker command if you have permission issues. Referenced variables for docker command but did not list them. I linked to M0ngr31 website where it list the commands

. Under @tmm1 & @maddox I added donation link

. *I am running out of time this morning, Updates I will type up later include. Adding more info about youtube streams and linking @fofer spreadsheet. Adding references to custom channels as suggested by @babsonnexus. Editing a post this big is not something I want to do on phone, so I will finish updating this master list tomorrow.


Place Holder #1

Place Holder #2

If there are any custom Channels DVR projects or sources maintened by community members that I missed please let me know. If there are any corrections/errors. Let me know. Unless your a mod, then just click the pencil icon and fix it. lol

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HLS Tube works with YouTube LIVE streams only (that distinction is important)

And Twitch livestreams too


@jnewland is a member, but doesn't post much Profile - jnewland - Channels Community

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A post was split to a new topic: SpydarTv epg?

Updated section on HLS TUBE. Unfortunately I cannot tag user. Limited to 10 tags per post.

Any other corrections, major mistakes, or projects I forgot to include?

Maybe some information about downloading and integrating non-Live YouTube content? Manually or automatically: TubeSync, MediaHuman YouTube Downloader, Downie, etc.

Note too that this can be automated, and set up to serve Virtual Channels.

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By the way: great job compiling all of this into one thread! This is a great resource. Well done :clap:t3:


Yes, thank you for putting this together and on one page. Hopefully it can stay updated.

BTW, @miibeez also has a bbc uk container that will provide BBC, ITV, Ch5, 4, and Blaze broadcasts if you are in the UK.

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Thank You!

With the @HankLloydRight ones:

  • There are several options that can be added to the end of the m3u. I don't know if you want to include this info or just note that they exist at all. Obviously, a lot of that info is in the linked thread.

With the @matthuisman ones:

  • Remove PBS. Although it is there, nothing works because of DRM, so this is very misleading.
  • I'd recommend also removing Pluto and Stirr. Although they both work, each can only have one user per station, so it causes major issues. People should either be using their own Dockers or the @HankLloydRight method.

With the @m0ngr31 one:

  • Should note that you can include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, College Stations, ESPN+, Fox Sports, and MLB, all subscriptions required.
  • The base Docker command you show won't do much except ESPN+. I don't know how much with any of these you want to get into the nuances of what should be done with the Docker commands.

Not included:


I seem to remember that was a problem with the @matthuisman Pluto and Stirr links that had a constant device_id value.

When I put up, that was one of the issues I fixed so everyone gets a different device_id.

But I'm 99% sure that @tmm1 put a similar fix into the docker code (or possibly Channels itself) to also randomize the device_id values for these sources.


I will do another update probably tomorrow. I think i am going to split it into 2 post and use my placeholder post. There is a 10 tag/limit per post.

Edit: tmm1 increased tag limit to 25.

  1. Pending edits. Add m3u modifiers to @HankLloydRight . Anyone have link to modifiers.

2a) Remove pbs from @matthuisman

2b) Possibly remove pluto/srirr unless matt or @tmm1 can verify device_id issue has been fixed

3a) With @m0ngr31 include fact that it doesESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, College Stations, ESPN+, Fox Sports, and MLB, all subscriptions required.

3b) include more docker commands. Any input as to which ones should be included.

  1. Add

  1. Add link to @Fofer excel file for youtube videos

  1. Add donation link for CDVR devs

Any other additions, comunity projects, etc?.

Another article idea. Tutorial and instructions on setup/install docker on Windows. Instructions of installing docker images on windows.

Assumption. People using Linux are usually able to research how to install stuff. . . Windows users tend to be less technical. I had never used docker till CDVR.

Increased to 25


It's already in the first post in the "Non-Docker" thread. ?start=

I would say just an example that shows some of the options, like this:

Guide for setting up WSL:

Installing Docker Desktop is just an executable program, so people should just be directed to Docker's website and guides for that. I don't think you want to kill yourself trying to be the answer for everything; you've certainly done enough here already!

I'd like this. I want to subscribe and setup Frndly, but I have no clue how to do it, and really don't want to have to use a Docker, but seems there's no other way.

Same here. And I'm glad that option exists because it was surprisingly simple, far easier than it would have been if I had to figure out how to execute and keep the code running myself manually.

If your already running a always on windows server. Its not that intimidating

  1. Install WSL
  2. Install docker
  3. Reference post about WSL using to much resources
  4. desired docker container. Read the thread/ tutorial/instructions thoroughly. Then copy/past comand into terminal.
  5. Some docker files require you to authorize/login account after running docker

Docker sounds intimidating. But it's not. Within windows its mostly gui, point and click


I'm here, lurking... recently updated

any issues let me know (Roku) (new)