Do you think Channels will work with the new Fire TV 4K?

I want to pre-order but not if it’s likely not to work with Channels.

There's absolutely no reason to believe it won't.

We have one ordered so we'll check it as soon as it comes in.


Kind if curious about how this new feature works:

"Do more with your smart home - View the front door camera without stopping your show using Live View Picture-in-Picture. Ask Alexa to check the weather or dim the lights."

Elias with another informative article

Right now on my FireTVCube/FireTV4K ... If I say Alexa show front door while watching Channels... It will open front door view in full screen and pause the show ... I then say ECHO back and it resumes playing. I like it better this way than PIP.... because I might have to answer the door ...

Is this different then the new fire stick 4k (2021) that came out a couple of months? I got the new one a couple weeks ago. The one with the new remote and support for usb drives.

It is totally new. More memory and better processor.

Thanks just did my pre-order