Docker Desktop (Windows) Memory Leak

When Docker Desktop (Windows) launches, it's taking up very little memory:


However, it keeps growing and growing and growing, consuming everything and never letting go. For instance, just two days after that screenshot above, it looked this:


And it's not related to WSL because that is staying well within the bounds I have set:


I've searched through the boards on Docker and elsewhere, and it seems like this may have been an issue for years with no resolution, but I'm wondering if anyone else has an experience with this and some ideas that might help keep the memory leak down?

That said, if there is no solution, I'm totally fine with the idea of rebooting Docker Desktop on a daily schedule. However, I want to use a command line to do a natural exit so that all the containers can shut down properly. I'm well aware of how to force close Docker Desktop by killing the process, but I'd like to be a lot more gentle. Again, I wasn't able to figure out a way to do this from any of Docker's documentation or board responses, so I'm wondering if someone here might have some ideas?

Oh I thought you had found a fix for this.

No, that keeps WSL from going crazy. As I showed above, that is working perfectly.

This is the Docker Desktop application itself, or specifically whatever is included in "backend".


Others have the same issue:

I'm pretty sure its a bug that is not going to be fixed anytime soon, so that's why I'm leaning towards being able to find a way to do a natural exit instead.

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Maybe switch to podman?

My recommendation (if you must use Windows) is to ditch Docker Desktop and run docker under WSL. Or, install a small virtual machine like Ubuntu Server and run docker under a VM. Docker Desktop seems to take up way too many resources and drags my computer down to a slow crawl.

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