Documentation/Help needed


First, I want to say that the Channels apps and DVR are best in class and the support is world class!

I went from TiVo to Plex to HDHR to Channels and haven't looked back.

There are a lot of questions by both newbies and seasoned vets though.

Forum stickies/FAQ's/How To's or website Support FAQ's are sorely needed.

Anything to start the ball rolling would be great.

Maybe start with a simple tutorial on how to start using the DVR or a Client.

Can I do fill-in-the-blank / How do I that?

What does this icon mean and what is it used for?

Advanced pass options?


Hope this is on your agenda to at least put up a starter web page/forum sticky to get the ball rolling as it would reduce your time answering repeat questions on the forum, unless that's what you prefer.

It would probably always be a work-in-progress as the apps and dvr develop, but it would help the community get answers to their most asked questions.


This. I promise. This.

We're currently working on extensive documentation in between other projects right now. It's been on our list for a LONG time. But I promise, It will be out in the next few months.

It will be built into our main website and we're hoping to open source the documentation part. This means fans can make changes or fix problems in the documentations if they want to.

Our plan is to get documentation out on how to use the apps along with installation documentation first. After that, we'll be working on DVR documentation.

Thanks so much for bearing with us. As Channels moves from a hobbyist platform to one that so many people rely on, documentation is expected. You should expect it, and we should provide it.



I agree that documentation would be awesome and I would assist in any way that I could if it is desired. I have found that is usually the most lacking with a lot of these type of projects, especially with limited Devs working on it.

I do feel the instructions on the DVR download page are pretty sufficiently explanatory to at least get going on downloading and installing, so that is good!

It's sort of funny (to me at least) when I come across some button in the web GUI that I don't know what it does and I am afraid to try it but also don't want to fill the forum up with "little" questions like that when I feel support for something not working right is more important. :slight_smile:


We've started a new sticky wiki FAQ topic on the forum that everyone can edit and add to: Frequently Asked Questions