Don't know if you want to add this

Locals from Stanford University area.

+1 to this if possible. (Love the Channels DVR btw.)
Live between the 2 CBS stations (plus major tree problems) that show Wheel & Jeopardy here at 7 ET.
Puffer's San Fran ABC station (10 ET, 7 PT) is a life saver if there's a storm or weird atmospheric thing going on.
Being able to set the DVR for that too would be awesome.

Given that Puffer is a research study specifically intended to investigate issues like congestion control that specifically affect watching content live in real web browsers (as opposed to timeshifting), I'm not sure if adding it to Channels would be productive.

In addition, Puffer only allows 500 people to access the service at once, so it would probably not be a reliable source of channels.