DRM Support


Since they have to wait for Apple to provide the API, not sure if they can predict it. But would be nice. My son is on TWC with the Starter Package. I am on Frontier FIOS where only the Fox News is a problem for me. But if I had the same issue I would probably resign myself to using the Network Apps for most of the DRM Channels. Of course the problem for me is commercials and no way to completely avoid it using those Apps. Also, in tvOS 10 we should be able to have single sign-on with should help a lot.


Unfortunately, many of the network apps do not offer TWC for authentication (including Disney/ABC/ESPN). TWC has their own TWC TV app for Roku and iOS, but they don’t appear to be planning to make it for AppleTV for some reason. I really want to be able to just use my AppleTV as my only input to my TV. No cable/satellite boxes!


FYI, I filed a complaint with FCC about Time Warner’s DRM policy. I believe they are violating the terms of the cablecard provisions by blocking channels that are part of my subscription package. I can view them using TWC’s web portal but they only support Tivo or Windows MC, not my HDHomeRun Prime. I suggest that all TWC customers file a complaint with FCC here: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=33794 and hope that it might move the needle.


I have TWC and my Primes work just fine when using a DRM capable platform for viewing.

What exactly could you have filed a complaint about?


Just to add to the question…TWC has instructions for installing the tuning adapter with the Prime on their CC site:



I have tried the Tuning adapter several times but it has never worked. According the FCC regulations TWC needs to provide a solution to me here in Southern CA. They have already forwarded my request to TWC, who will contact me directly with a solution or face a possible fine. TWC say’s there will be no DRM when Charter takes over on January 1, 2017 but I don’t want to wait that long.


Have you opened a support ticket with SD? Or, perused the SD forums for help/advice?

The TWC CC hotline has always been very helpful too…one time the rep I spoke to was out of SoCal and using prime as his personal method for channel acquisition.

Removal of DRM will not end the need for a CC and tuning adapter. The signal will still be encrypted, just not copy protected.


I know all this and have been down this path since SD released their beta. My issue is TWC’s implementation of DRM. I believe it to be unlawful, so hence my initial appeal to other users to report them to the FCC. And yes I have had conversations with SD tech support, but the HDHomeRun viewer (like Channels) does not have the ability to view DRM content. I refuse to use Windows Media Center (dead software) just because it the only platform TWC supports officially , so I will instead take the issue to the FCC.


@regoss - I think most if not all agree that TWC using DRM on almost every channel is CRAP. But I am not sure it is illegal. I use Frontier FIOS (was Verizon in Southern CA) and the only channels that I subscribe too that have DRM is a few FOX Channels. I do not subscribe to HBO (premium) type channels from them. And is pure Crap that FOX is forcing FIOS to do this. This is according to FIOS. Since is very limited I believe it to be true.

Regarding your point about WMC. I think you have it reversed. WMC works because WMC fully supports DRM. This really has nothing to do with TWC. MS/WMC supports DRM everywhere.
“I refuse to use Windows Media Center (dead software) just because it the only platform TWC supports officially”

The reason SD and Channels are having a problem with DRM is because the signal has to pass thru multiple hops. But with TiVo it does not. It goes to the TiVo box and directly to the attached TV. My understanding is that when you access TiVo from an iOS Device it has the same problem as SD and Channels. SD has to support DRM not only in the Turner but also in all of the clients that connect to the box. Like how WMC does it.

Bottom line. I am fully behind you. But I think you can only win when it comes to TWC and the local channels. Someone said that TWC was even putting DRM on those and he got them removed. I am talking about CBS, NBC, CW, ABC and FOX (not the Cable FOX like FOX NEWS/BUSINESS).


I honestly don’t see a basis for your complaint. They provide CC with TAs, the TWC app, the option to rent STBs, etc. Along with that the HDhomerun view app on android and WMC are commercially available options for viewing the protected content without their STBs.


Now that iOS 10 and TVOS 10 GM are available to developers, has anyone spotted an API for DRM/HDCP?

While I don’t program a lot on the iOS/TVOS platforms, I took a look through the release notes and didn’t see anything promising. If this is the case, I’m guessing we’re out of luck for at least another year?


Anything good in the TVOS 10 final release?


There has been no response from Apple on our HDCP ticket, and no new APIs available in tvOS 10.


Submitted a bug report to Apple.

First post so a little background … Just picked up an Apple TV and started using Channels tonight. I’m liking it much more than Android TV already. Should’ve went this route from the start with the HDHR Prime instead of trying to save a few bucks with Android TV. I can actually use the HBO and Showtime apps on Apple TV unlike trying to sideload stuff on Android. I’ve been resorting to firing up my aging Clarkdale Pentium HTPC and using Xfinity’s web interface to get to any HBO/Showtime content. I have to drop to 720p to not max out the underclocked 1st gen Intel HD Graphics. Channels and Apple TV in general are a big improvement, but it would be great to be able to watch premium channels live.


Seems like this would need some escalation with developer relations to get anywhere.


I’ve posted an update on our DRM efforts here: An update on DRM support


Looks like with the AppleTV 4K, there is now the functionality to specify HDCP Type-1 in the stream. Not sure if that helps anything to allow DRM. https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/fall2017/501


A question for the developers about DRM support.

What’s the status of DRM support?

  1. We’d love to do it, but there’s no timeline on us getting there.
  2. We’re making progress but there’s nothing definite.
  3. We expect it’ll be available within the next year

I know DRM support is no small task and I know you’ve got no control over that. But, I’m doing a major home remodel and have the chance to do some wiring. Right now I am completely sold out to Channels - I have four Apple TVs and use Channels DVR as my primary TV watching means. For the rare situations I need a DRM channel (basically Big Ten Network in my case) I use my Xbox One S. In the midst of this remodel I’m trying to decide whether I should invest in a multi-room viewing system for my XBox.


We are not working on DRM and do not anticipate that changing in the near future. The requirements are so strict that there is very little of our video player that could be reused for DRM compatible playback.


Thank you - I appreciate the honest response, even if it means ordering some long HDMI cables.