Duplicate Shows in timeline for guide

I am seeing a duplication of shows on all "OTA" channels from my HDHR (see picture) with the actual "next show" showing up later in the timeline, which is also showing a duplicated show entry in the time sequence.

I have two HDHRs and am using the OTA guide data. Looking at the guide in my YTTV, I see that (for example) MyTV should have "The Verdict Wit..." as the 10:00am show,

Any ideas?


If you're using both Locast and OTA, then you need to click the gear icon next to Locast on the dvr web UI and uncheck "use OTA numbers".

Otherwise submit diagnostics and email support.

Not using locast...

Configuration is 2x HD Homeruns and YTTV as my "tuners" with the two HDHRs prioritized above YTTV.

Do both the HDHRs have the same guide provider set?

It's hard to investigate further without diagnostics

I deleted both HDHR guide sources and reset them to ensure that both were "OTA" sources and that seems to have fixed the issue. I must have had one tuner using a different guide source.

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By the way, what is the difference in the two purple shades?

Airing now and airing later