Dvr app freezing on TLC and Nat Geo


On fire tv cube. In the two channels, we are seeing the app pause itself with a black screen. Play, rewind and back don't work. Have to press home and restart app. This happens seemingly randomly.


If you try the official HDHR app does it work?


I don't know. I downloaded and then had to switch the cube over to wife's email to get prime access. Now hdhr app is there but won't work. And I believe it was deleted from store so can't download for her account. I guess I'll have to figure out sideload.




I'm seeing problems on TLC with pixelation and sometimes disconnects on Apple TV too. I think there are still some issues as the upgrades on SiliconDust's side are taking place.


I mainly just wanted to set off others were seeing the same thing. We'll give it a few days.