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I just started with Channels DVR. Is there a way to customize the format of the filename of the recording? I want to add a "-" between the name, season/episode, title, and date.


There is not a way to change this. Can you elaborate more on why you want this?

I have been using SageTV for about 10 years as my primary DVR system. With the announcement that CableCards do not have to be supported, I started looking into switching to OTA HDHomeRun. But the reception is not that great. The good news is that Locast is available in my area. But there was not a way to record from Locast until I found you. (I have tried it and it works great.)

I have used PlayOn to record from streaming services. I tell SageTV to use the PlayOn output directory as an import directory. That way SageTV can also see/manage all of the PlayOn recordings.

My initial thought was to do the same with Channels DVR. I told SageTV that the Channels DVR output directory was an import directory. It did find the files, but was not able to identify them as TV shows since they were not in the correct format. SageTV expects:
[show name] - [S??E??] - [episode name].mp4
as the format. That is why I was looking to see if the output filename could be changed.

In addition to recording, I also use SageTV to maintain my TV, Movie, Video, Music and Photo libraries. It functions very similar to PLEX in that way just that it has been around a lot longer than PLEX.


Thanks for the context!

I'm not opposed to changing our file names to more closely match standards used by other software. We have a much better understanding of what these standards are now (compared to when the dvr was first created), since we've been working on things like movie and tv imports recently.

I'm curious though if there's any way to get SageTV to recognize the files as they exist now? Maybe other sagetv users like @Kryptonyte or @Edwin_Perez have an idea

SageTV has very poor matching files as the metadata downloader is no longer supported.

Naming of DVR records have been fine for me. I never payed much attention to it though, it seems on par with how Emby names things. though sometimes both are a bit goofy with the ep name and show name, but it often the guide is goofy when that happens.

Only thing i wold like it Channels DVR files to be .TS, not .MPG. for some reason, >TS just works better. mpg Windows lags a bit when ever i try to pull up its file properties, thumbnails, or load the file into MPV to play. The exact same show, recorded at same time, same source, via Emby, the .ts file does not do that. far as i know, .mpg is also a "legacy" file extension, just like one uses it anymore.

Silicondust does the same thing they create mpg files.

@Edwin_Perez My system still downloads metadata for everything with mo problem.

My Bad I see EnterNoEscape did some updating.

yea. at least for ota channels which were source mpeg2. when i had a prime, it made .mp4 for my cable channels that were source mpeg4 .h264.

.ts is all around a better container my experience.

I find the filename to be more user preference, but I can see the desire to align it with something somewhat standard - if there is such a thing. Some software gives the user the ability to organize the filename, a dynamic setting that the user can define.

Here are a few filename examples from Sage:

What would be seriously useful, would be a SageTV plugin for a TVE tuner written by the Channels crew, with a monthly fee. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there are enough of us Sage folks left to make it worthwhile.

I've found this to be true for files that Sage recorded, but I don't know that I've ever had Sage adopt an external file successfully - don't know how I would do that. BMT plugin? Gemstone?

Let me pose this question while we're on the topic. Because I use various tuner options with Sage, would it be possible to reverse this situation also, and make it so Channels DVR could recognize the SageTV file format?

I guess you have the old way of naming files in SageTV these are Mine in SageTV ....

The Facts of Life - S05E18 - Big Fish, Little Fish - 349266-0.ts

You need to set this property in ...


I suppose it's what Sage defaults to on a new installation?

Yeah I guess but it sure makes them hard to match. I always make sure I make that change on any new Installation.

I don't use Sage, but I name my files pretty close to that.
I add the Series Premier Year (1979) and the episodes OAD (1984-02-08)
The Facts of Life (1979) - S05E18 - Big Fish, Little Fish (1984-02-08).ts

Plex Adds the Year to the file and folder ... Emby only adds the Year to the Folder. I prefer Plex naming convention... or even yours.

Me too. Good conversation.

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Adding the Premier Year to the file and folder helps a lot as there are so many remakes of old shows and I am sure there will be more. Right now they all go in the same Folder.

For Ex.
Outer Limits.
Twilight Zone.

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