DVR Server Beta TVE Issue

Server Version: 2022.08.29.2159
Server OS: Windows Server STND 2022

Issue: unable to add YouTube TV via TVE. Seems it not passing the users info along

Captcha appears when using a brand new YTTV account, or if you have some VPN active.

You should login on and in the YTTV app first, wait some hours then add it to the DVR

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Thanks I had done that before so I could check the access boxes and I can login via the website but I did it again just to be sure and I am still getting the error.

Ok I got it working don’t know what but had to go and play a station on nbc live I got after a few second I got a overlay saying tv provider linked went back and now I am able to add TVE for YouTube

Great. It can take some time for the AI to be convinced you are human.

I’m having this issue today. I deleted and re-added the TVE source with no success. I’m logged in on my phone to the YTTV app and I logged in to the NBC site with no issues. It isn’t a new account and there is no VPN involved. Any suggestions?

Instead of using your phone, have you tried doing the same thing from a PC on the same network as your DVR server.

No luck. I tried in incognito mode as well and it doesn't prompt me for a CAPTCHA.

You probably won't get many YTTV TVE users looking at your post under the current topic title. I use Xfinity, not YTTV.

You may want to create a new topic with a descriptive title that includes YTTV, or add it to the official topic thread here Provider - YouTube TV or search the forum for YTTV.