DVR server not working after Shield 9.0.0 update

Thanks for the heads up on the update. I just installed it and hoping for the best!

Boi o boi, nvidia really does know how to put out broken software..SO many issues this page keeps track of.

So where are we with this then? I see that Plex was able to be fixed as that’s now working so what’s the delay with Channels?
Beginning to think that going back to a set-top box like a Humax might be for the best, Nvidia can’t seem to release a piece of software without breaking everything each time and life’s too short.

Same boat as GMan, NVIDIA probably isn't in a big hurry to push out another Hotfix if Plex (which must have a far wider user base) is working again. I've been on Hotfix 2 and DVR Server pre-release 2022.01.25.0145 since it came out 3 days ago. It's strange, as someone else mentioned above it worked pretty well for a day or two, and then tonight it consistently crashed needing a reboot within 5 minutes six times in a row. All I did each time was tune in a PlutoTV channel, nothing else recording. If there's no fix on the near horizon, I'm going to look into moving DVR Server off my Shield as that seems to be the best workaround.

You might want to consider reverting to Shield version 8.2.3. It's an exercise not for the faint hearted but after doing it I eliminated all the problems with the v9 upgrade.

Hotfix3 does not address this issue unfortunately. The reports that Plex is fixed are incorrect. Other Plex issues were addressed, but using removable storage still causes random hang ups.

Hotfix 3 dialog

My Plex is working again currently (external NAS) so I’m not going near any other updates until they’ve been tried and tested by the masses for a good while :grin:

I do not have a server on my Shield TV. However, I do have an SD card for apps -- where the Channels Client is installed. Since the upgrade, I definitely have had SD card issues. Initially, I had to reinsert the SD card before the Shield found it added Channels back to the available apps. I often have to reboot the Shield in order for it to find the SD card again and show the Channels app from the card.

I could muddle through with that until a fix is released, but during recorded show playback from the Channels App, the Shield frequently hangs, and then spontaneously reboots. It is very frustrating.

I would recommend you install hotfix3 because many bugs have been fixed.

Has hot fix 3 resolved most issues with the server crashing? I'm quite surprised that they haven't released a formal patch yet.

On the Nvidia forum they state: "Do not ask when they will put out a stable patch." I am waiting too, I am a bit nervous about adding the hotfix, there appears to many issues with it like Disney+ and other issues and I have enough problems already.

Hot Fix 3 does not fix the server crashing issue.

I do see that there is a Channels DVR Pre-Release version 2022.02.02.0112 available now. @tmm1 is this supposed to fix the issue, or do we still have to hope the next NVIDIA hotfix does it?

It's in nvidia's court

They have reproduced the issue atleast

I upgraded to v9. Had all the problems discussed in this thread. Was warned that NVIDIA moves slowly and wouldn't have a fix for months. So I decided there was nothing to loose by reverting to v8.2.3. After a little struggle I succeeded in bringing my Shield back to v8.2.3 and I haven't had a problem since.

I did my reversion from a Windows 10 PC. The most difficult part of the process was learning that the USB driver for adb is different from the USB driver for fastboot. I used the driver from NVIDIA to run adb and the driver from Google for fastboot. In my case I also had to update the development environment and fix some other USB related problems. The results made the process worthwhile.

Thanks to @john9527 who got me going with this post:

john9527DVR User


If you have access to a USB keyboard to plug in the Shield and another system to run adb/fastboot via USB, it took me about 15 min to reflash back to the 8.2.3 release on my Shield TV Pro. (You do need to sign up as an Nvidia developer to get access to the image).

Of course you will be setting up afterwards just like a factory reset. Reapply Google updates and reinstall apps.

Couldn’t be more disappointed in Nvidia at the moment, and I have no desire to mess around reverting the software so am in the process of moving a everything I can off of the shield (Channels DVR, Plex etc) with a view to getting rid of it ASAP. I swear they don’t do any testing whatsoever on software updates and just rely on the public finding problems.

Any recommendations for decent Plex client solutions that can handle 4K and all audio formats will be gratefully received!

Coming up on a month now with channels totally broken :unamused:

Unfortunately as far as I know, Nvidia still doesn't know why these issues are happening or how to fix it. But they were able to reproduce the issue finally and are investigating.

Strangely my test SHIELD has not crashed in over a week since I upgraded to hotfix3.

To alleviate the crashing, I have switched the DVR to the internal storage and added the external as a second path. Haven't crashed since making this change.

very nice how much internal storage (stock or adaptive drive?)