DVR server not working after Shield 9.0.0 update

Hello again! It is very easy to sideload and install the .apk with just an Android phone and your SHIELD.

Download the .apk to your phones storage
Install AndSMB from the Play Store on your phone
Turn on network file sharing in your SHIELD's settings
Input the credentials into AndSMB similar to this:

On your SHIELD, go to the Play Store and search for 'File Manager', the second one, just called File Manager by HiMedia. It's extremely easy to use and hands down the best file manager for the SHIELD, because of it's simplicity.

VOILA, all done from your phone. And now you have an easy way into your SHIELD from your phone with AndSMB. Extremely useful to have.

You can also install and use the "Downloader by AFTVnews" app directly on your shield

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Also getting the "Error, no write permissions on dvr directory" so can't proceed any further. Opening Channels DVR after rebooting gives the message that"Your DVR is not quite setup yet" and instructs you to visit the DVR server url where you are asked to setup the storage. Pointed to the same drive/folder as previously used (DVR) , but get the write permission error.

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When you launched the dvr app did it ask for disk permissions?

Not as far as I remember, if it did I would have allowed it of course.

Yes, I went directly to the restore page, and got that message somewhere also. It also wouldn't see the USB drive the server is on. So I launched the DVR app on the SHIELD and it seemed frozen so I just rebooted and was like, hey, maybe it'll work, went to the channels server IP, all my stuff was there, launched the app, and all worked.

I was able to do the restore of the database, but as I mentioned , the next step is to assign the storage , which gives the write permissions error. I tried just rebooting the Shield after that, but Channels DVR still insists on setting up the storage so can't proceed any further.

Delete the dvr server app and reinstall?

How did you sideload it the first time?

Will I lose all my settings/recordings if I delete the DVR server app?

I sideloaded it using a file manager - x-plore which allows access to my Amazon drive.

My plex server was already set to this, so no help

"You can also install and use the "Downloader by AFTVnews" app directly on your shield"

What are the next steps after I get the Downloader? A little tutorial might help some of the less tech savvy here.

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Thar would help. A Shield and a PC are very different animals to me.

I JUST published something in preparation of a wider messaging campaign to SHIELD dvr users. Though we're working on something even easier so the content at this link may change at any time.

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The DVR will allow me to create a new directory on the internal storage of my shield and it works fine, but if I try to use the existing directory on my external storage device I get the write permission error

Try going to Settings > Apps > Permissions / App permissions > Files and media > DVR Server and see if it says Allow there, like this:

Mine is already set to allow by default

Maybe set it to Deny then back to Allow?

Otherwise the only thing I can think is uninstall the DVR server app and sideload fresh. It should ask for permissions on first run, like this:

FYI, Just did a fresh uninstall and reinstall of the DVR, I allowed access and I still get the write permission error....

We've released a new beta version of the Android Channels client that can now manually install Channels DVR Server. Will someone, try these instructions and report back?

  1. Update to the latest beta of Channels.
  2. On the welcome screen, click Help and choose Install Channels DVR Server.
  3. Android will ask you to approve the ability to install unknown apps. Follow the instructions and allow it.
  4. Click Help > Install Channels DVR Server again to install Channels DVR Server.
  5. Android will ask again if you want to install it. Confirm by selecting Install.
  6. There is no progress bar while it installs, so give it time as it installs the latest version of the server and installs it.

Once you're installed it:

  1. Open the Channels DVR Server app from your Home screen
  2. Allow it to access photos, media, and files on your device
  3. Click Setup DVR
  4. Click Enable DVR
  5. Visit http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_SHIELD:8089/restore in a browser on another device to restore the last backup.

Your Channels DVR Server should be restored and ready to work again.

You can find the IP address of your Nvidia SHIELD by visiting Settings > Network & Internet.


Could you go to Support > Troubleshooting > Submit diagnostics on the web UI