DVR server suddenly unavailable

I have been using Channels DVR successfully for a couple of months now, but suddenly none of the Channels apps on my streaming devices can find my server.

My server runs on a Nvidia Shield Pro (the console version). The Shield Pro itself can be pinged from anywhere on my network and no network addresses have changed. In addition to the server not being found the web admin page comes up not found. However I can see and access the server files on my PC via Samba (which is probably a Shield Pro function, not the DVR server).

I can also use the Channels app on my Shield Pro running the server to see and watch the recorded programs. But on any other streamer throughout my house the Channels app doesn't see the server, even after I manually input the IP address of the server. These streamers include a couple of Fire TV cubes and an older Nvidia Shield.

My server is still recording programs, so it must be in part functional and still accessing my HDHomerun Connect.

I've rebooted my server Shield Pro and my streaming devices to no change.

Any ideas about what might be wrong?

What does it say when you click from devices on your network

"Problem loading page"

Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

And on your shield in the client app what IP is shown on the Settings tab next to the logo?

I just found the problem. Somehow the server on my Shield Pro turned itself off. When I ran the server app on my Shield Pro it said the server was disabled. When I turned it on again, I could access the server from my other streaming devices.

I have no idea how the server turned itself off. I never use the Shield Pro for anything other than the server, not to run streaming apps or anything else. I had done nothing on the Shield Pro for weeks. I do remember setting up some long recordings on the DVR from one of my Fire TV cubes for election night coverage and then an hour later I couldn't access the server.

Please open the dvr web UI and click Support > Submit Diagnostics

OK, the id is 51a2d5e9-eb01-46af-ad37-81e02b5b852f .

I'm having this problem as well; the DVR server becomes disabled on its own. I'm running the Server on an NVidia Shield. Once I enable the DVR server manually, everything is fine. Not sure what to do. I am on the latest version of the Shield OS, I think 9...

You're experiencing bugs in SHIELD 9.0 release. We are waiting for nvidia to fix it. You can try their hotfix it may help.

See discussion in DVR server not working after Shield 9.0.0 update