DVR web UI issues with sorting 2020.10.14.0009

Recordings>Shows>All Sorting by Name puts Alaska: The Last Frontier under 'L' instead of 'A'
Found more looking at Imported Shows
'Above the American' is sorted in the B's
'Alaska: Most Extreme' is sorted between K and L
'America Before Columbus' and 'America's Secret Swimming Holes' are sorted in the M's
'Arctic Roughnecks' and 'Area 51' are sorted between P and R
'Atlantis Found', 'Atlantis Rising' and 'Atlantis Rising: Secrets Decoded' are sorted between S and T

Recordings>Shows>All Sorting by Name doesn't toggle ascending and descending when you click the [Name] button again

Recordings>Recordings>All Sorts by recorded date with oldest at the top. Want to sort so newest is up top like Recordings>Recordings>Unwatched appears. Edwin_Perez also reported this

In case having SeriesID helps

Sorts Showname                         SeriesID
B     Above the American               3559740
L     Alaska: Most Extreme             204319
L     Alaska: The Last Frontier        8989001
M     America Before Columbus          7872007
M     America's Secret Swimming Holes  11915925
R     Arctic Roughnecks                207043
R     Area 51                          207084
T     Atlantis Found                   14022979
T     Atlantis Rising                  13697963
T     Atlantis Rising: Secrets Decoded 15755410

EDIT: I see what's happening. It's dropping the Capitol letter A at the beginning, thinking it's the article 'A', even though there's no white space after the 'A'.

Thanks for the bug report @chDVRuser! We were able to fix the alpha sorting bug and I just shipped a release that includes the fix. It also includes the fix for the Recordings>Recordings>All bug.

I don't think the sorting buttons used to toggle between ascending/descending before, but I like the idea and will talk about it with the team.

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Correct. But, since the icon on the button leads one to believe that you can toggle between asc/desc, it would make sense to add this feature.

Thanks, and I agree with @racameron that the 'sort by' buttons do look like you can sort either way, never really checked to see if they worked that way before.

Still sorting from oldest recording on top to newest recording on bottom in 2020.10.16.0048

Sorry about that @chDVRuser. Sorting by recent should work on Recordings>Recordings>All, Recordings>Show>All, and Recordings>Show>SPECIFIC_SHOW. This change is in the latest release v2020.10.16.1640.

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Thanks. Confirmed working now!