Web Interface sort order

I noticed that in the web Interface the All Recordings is now sorted from oldest down to newest ... I personally preferred Recently recorded first... as I can check the latest recordings for problems more easily. Can we have the option to sort either way. ?

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yup, everything changed. Also when you go to recordings - shows - all - click on a show and delete, the header where it says Shows / "show name" now disappears and now have to press back on the browser instead of "shows" to go back one level.

check boxes are desperately needed. if you want to detele multiple shows, its a terrible exercise. to delete one show, its 2 clicks or sometimes more depending where you are in recordings section.

@Edwin_Perez we've just deployed a fix for the "recently recorded" bug you found. Thanks for reporting it!

@AeroR1 I couldn't reproduce the problem you mentioned. When I delete an episode for a show I was still able to see the "Shows / show name" header. Are there any more details you can give me about this bug?

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the second pic used to have the header Shows / name of the show after it was deleted. it no longer appears. it was a quicker way to get back to Shows since that is a link. the steps are increasing just to batch delete multiple episodes.

Thanks for the screenshots @AeroR1, I'm able to reproduce that bug now.

great, thanks! While you're at it, add a checkbox next to each recording on the all view so we can just go down the list, check them and click delete so they go to the trash.

Great idea. Wish I had thought of it.


Still have the same sort problem on Version 2020.10.16.0048.

Sorry about that @Edwin_Perez. Sorting by recent should work on Recordings>Recordings>All, Recordings>Show>All, and Recordings>Show>SPECIFIC_SHOW. This change is in the latest release v2020.10.16.1640.

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But not the disappearing header issue. That is still happening.

Yeah, the disappearing header issue is going to take a little more work.

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