DVR wont connect to Shield

I just moved my Shield to another room. Now all I get is the round and round thingy. Everything else on the Shield works fine. Looking at the web interface says the DVR is active. I reset the ip address as requested but nothing changes. I'm at a loss.

I'm also getting a "your manual connection has been removed" message.

I'm bumping this because this category is very active and I'm still dead in the water.

Can you submit diagnostics?

Seems like you don't have good Wi-Fi or something where you moved it. Is that same shield running the dvr server or is that running elsewhere?

I'm actually a lot closer to the router now, no more than 10 feet away. As I said, everything else on the Shield works great. If I delete and reinstall will I lose my recordings? I've rebooted the Shield with no luck.Never seen anything like this before.

I'll submit diagnostics.

Did you move the SHIELD that runs your DVR server? Or another shield that's a client?

The server.

Okay, and does the DVR Server app show as running? Can any of your clients connect? Can you access the web UI?

I don't have any clients. The server shows as running. I can access the ui. When it shows as running I tried to play something I saved and I get "dvr not installed"

I don't see any diagnostics from your account.

Can you take a photo of the server app showing it running and the not installed error you're seeing?

I just got home.

The last picture just runs in a loop. I put the address in, hi connect and it goes right back to this screen.

Now I can't get to the UI to send diagnostics!

There is another app called DVR Server that you need to open and check if it says running.

How about this can you click it to open and submit diagnostics from there?

Where would it be?

Found it. "DVRnot available"

I can get the log to open, but the normal submit diagnostics I can't find.

Never did find a way to send but here it is from the time I started yes.

Now I get this on the server app.