DVR wont connect to Shield

On the DVR Server web UI (accessed from a web browser), Submit Diagnostics is under Support > Troubleshooting

In your case, that should be here:

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Thanks so much. This is the first time I've had real problems.


The path to your dvr is incorrect it seems? Uncheck the dvr checkbox on web UI, then click the ... and make sure the path is set to where your recordings are stored.

Ok. I'm lost again. There is no check box for DVR or anything else except for storage.

Is it on step 2 storage? You need to pick the correct storage location and hit save.

All I can see is internal storage. How do I switch to my external drive? What is so weir is that it say its been up for two days and I can see all the movies I recorded in the past.

To this casual observer, sounds like your external storage isn't connected or powered on.
Anyway you can check it from the Nvidia Shield (I don't use one)?

At first I thought so as well. The light is on. I unplugged it and then I repluged it. The screen then shows that it was reading the USB I guess Shield can see it, but when I try and find it on the directory I cant.

I've been working on this most of the afternoon. From what I cad determine the Shield can't find my hard drive. As I stated before the Shield does see it when I ug it in, but afterwards I can't see it on the user interface and see no D drive in the folders. This is crazy!

Does it show up in the shield storage settings or is it disappearing there too?

There is no evidence that the Shield sees the hard drive at except on the main screen it shows my recordings.

The recordings are from the database. It doesn't mean the drive is attached. If it doesn't show in the android OS settings then something is broken with the drive.

Maybe attach to a computer and check that the recordings show up?

Ok, I took my original Seagate drive to my computer. What should I be looking for?
I attached a smaller hard drive back to the Shield. The movies still show up on my splash screen but I still cannot connect to the DVR. I can do a lot on a pc, but this has gotten my goat!

Does it show up as a D: or E: drive on your computer?

Do you see folders on the drive? Is there a NVIDIA_SHIELD folder? Inside should be DVR and TV and Movies with your .mpg recordings.

Will I lose my movies if I delete all channels apps and reinstall? If I wait to see if this can be fixed I can still watch fubo.

You can restore from the old drive after reinstall. Worth a shot at this point.

They aren't there.

Should I have the old drive hooked to the Shield when I reinstall?

Can you plug in your external storage to the shield and post a picture of storage and reset under shield settings. Like this