Dvr won't work

This is becoming a pattern the 3rd time it hasn't worked when ingo check it. I run it headless on my raspi but I go to check it and this is all I get. Why am I paying $8/mo when it fails 66% of the time? Connected Ethernet too. I don't want to have to reinstall AGAIN

I’ve been running channels dvr under Ubuntu for a couple years.

It’s stable.

Perhaps it’s your Pi?

My pi turns on just fine and I swapped out my USB drive to a SD card and the other card works just fine too?

Can you login to your router and find the IP assigned to your Pi?


Found it

Okay what is the IP?

Does it work with that IP using http://x.x.x.x

It goes to admin page but the dvr-server.local:8089 still doesn't work

Just use the IP then. The other url doesn't matter.

You can click Connect > At Home in the Channels app also and enter after you finish setup on the admin page.

how do I watch on app on firestick then or on my phone?

Click Connect, select At Home, enter the IP

great thanks

can you link me how to mount an external USB HD

If you plug it in it should automatically mount and become visible under /media

Hey, I got my Pi image up and running and set my static ip at the firewall, but I'd much rather set it at the device level. How do you login to the CLI on the Pi and do that? I didn't see a default U/P anywhere, and have no idea how to login. Nor did I see any means of setting an IP at the browser. Is there more comprehensive doc out there for it yet? I couldn't find it.

No offence, but taking on a Linux install should come with OS skills to manage it too.

Setting the IP is a system change just like windows. It’s outside of channels dvr.

No offense, but read the comment again. I didn't ask that. I asked how to get into it, because since there's no option on the admin page CLI is the only option. But thanks for the baseless scolding. I'm sure someone is a better person for it.

Believe me, we're all impressed with the fact that people who prefer linux/unix would rather get carpal tunnel syndrome completing basic tasks than wimp out and drag a mouse to complete the same task in a tenth of the time. In fact, some of us stand in sheer awe.

but I'd much rather set it at the device level.

Wouldn't this imply you want to set it up from the OS side? I'm not certain how I misread that.

You would use SSH to manage your PI.