You get a 30 day free trial. If you don't start the subscription your DVR won't work.

Like it says, Install & Setup instructions, including videos

From the Installation & Setup link I posted above

Question: It states that Channels will only work in USA, Canada, and UK. I am in Japan but have VPN which allows me to watch streaming content from almost any country. Will this still work or will it just error out? My Netflix is Japan-based but I watch other streaming services with VPN. Please let me know. Thank you.

What is your plan for sources? TVE? Some tve channels will work with a vpn some won’t. You will just have to try and see. What is the subscription service you plan to use with channels dvr?

I want to use Channels with Netflix, Free Cable TV, Plex, Pluto, TVPro, Freevee, Amazon, XUMO. Not one of these are even listed as a choice. Not one. How do I use these?

"Free Cable TV" - please be more specific about this. What cord or device is connected to your network to integrate this?

Netflix and Amazon can be integrated via "PlayOn Cloud." This is also great way to work around those service's georestrictions outside the U.S.: Channels Support - PlayOn Cloud

Pluto and Plex can be integrated as "Custom Channels:" Channels — Custom Channels

One helpful tool and this thread makes Pluto and Stirr integration simple: Non-Docker source for PlutoTV and Stirr m3u playlists and EPG

I saw an Xumo integration at one point but it lacked guide data, making it fairly useless. And I don't know about any TVPro or Freevee integrations.

Channels has great documention on their site, worth reading ahead of time so you fully understand what you're getting into:

I absolutely implore you to follow the links I, and the rest of our community have provided in this thread and read them.

Learn more about how Channels works from the website and documentation.

Nowhere does it say that it works with half of the services you listed. It’s very clear that you don’t quite understand how it works, and these links are there to educate and explain things.

With a good base foundation of understanding, you’ll get way more help here.

Every link I click on says Ive been blocked. Does using channels require a rocket scientist degree. I have never seen anything so difficult. Nothing but nothing works. The instructions assume one has knowledge on how this works. can you direct me to something a bit easier with clearer instructions. I don't want to read instructions based on how it worked for one user, but instructions on how to get all my streaming to work.


Also no. I’ve come to the conclusion that this product and service just isn’t a good fit for you. And if I’m wrong about that, I’m not the right person to keep volunteering assistance. I wish you good luck though.

I got PlutoTV and PlexTV to work, but what is the M3U code for Netflix? The streams I use are:
Free Cable TV (that is just a streaming network similar to Plex and Pluto)
TVPro (programming from Germany)
Freevee (affiliated with Amazon)

So what I need to know is how can I find the M3U string for these sites?

That doesn’t exist.

Then how do I get Netflix in Channels? They have Hulu but not Netflix. How can I find N3U for my other streams such as Freevee, Free Cable TV, TVPro, Xumo? Plex TV and Pluto TV I got working just fine. Even recording works flawlessly. Thanks for your help.

You don't.
If you use something like PlayOn Cloud to record Netflix, Channels DVR can download the PlayOn recordings, but there is no direct integration of Netflix in Channels DVR.

And quit posting the same thing in multiple sections of the forum before you really do get blocked.

Best place to ask is here.

Meanwhile check out the sections that would have your answer

Everyone of your links show that I have been blocked. Why?

Are you spamming the forum?

Turn off your VPN and try again.

Everyone of your links show that I have been blocked. Why?

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Okay. Worked. So far I have Pluto and Plex working. Need 3MU code for all my other streams such as Netflix, Freevee, Xumo, Free Cable TV. Where can I find this info? Also, isn’t there away in Channels to view the EPG by selecting which streaming service I want to see? Thank you in advance.

You have already been given these answers by multiple people in the forum. Why do you keep asking the same questions over and over again? Read the links that people have given you.

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Only two worked. Plex and Pluto. No one gave me any links to the other streaming services. The help guides tell you what needs to be done but is vague on explaining how. But thank you anyway for your time.