Edl file location


Since I am a Android TV user, I don’t (yet) get the benefit of DVR playback in the channels app. Which is OK (for now), I am a long time Kodi user, I have no problems staying with Kodi.

But that brings me to the comskip functionality built in the channels DVR. It seems the output (edl file) and a copy of the mpg are stored in the logs folder? Odd choice. Any chance the edl file could be copied to be along side the video itself in the TV folder? That would allow Kodi (and other players) to use the edl file as well. Also, a full copy of the MPG in the logs file seems like a huge waste of space.


The EDL file is generated during commercial detection but not used afterwards. The logs can be deleted without affecting the DVR.

We could add this as an option…

It’s not a copy. It is a symbolic link which takes up no space.


Good on the symlink - I see that now.

I’d love if you added the option to publish the edl along side the video


I wrote a bash script a long time ago that copies the EDLs to the folders and changes the edl from 0 to 3 (cut to commercial break). If they don’t add something I can probably put it up on github this weekend after I clean it up for public consumption (and for Linux servers).


I was going to request same for txt file due this posting on Kodi Wiki:

“Note: The support for actual .EDL files is currently broken in Gotham 13.x at the least when applied to Recorded TV files. Comskip files (the .txt format only!) should be used as a workaround. Bug #15207 A workaround to get .EDL files working properly is to change the edl_skip_field in comskip.ini to 3.

Note: As of v17.x, the situation remains the same”

I’d also rather have the edl file (if your process would allow the above highlighted change to the ini).

Kodi naming convention in Movies and TV folders: Filename (of the corresponding mpg).txt (edl)

But main question is there a status on implementation of this option?


Well, I didn’t get to it when I planned on it because my NAS decided to die (this is a good summary of why it died https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?t=127839). But I have everything back and some free time, so I cleaned it up to be more user friendly and put it on github.


My script fixes that, too. I noticed that when I started using my initial version a long time ago and change it on all the edl files I copied over.


Thanks so much @timstephens24.

Hooray! Was literally in the middle of figuring out the best way to pick up my 600 movies files in case Channels Devs added the option.

You solved my catchup problem. Guess I’ll leave the learning of writing scripts for another day/week.

Can hardly wait to try it out, but it maybe another day or two.



Great work!

Still hoping that channels devs will include this functionality in the DVR engine. They seem extremely responsive to this sort of trivial enhancements that make people happy :slight_smile: (unlike some other company that makes the hardware)


With the latest pre-release (shift + check for updates), you can enable the edl hack:

curl -XPUT

Auto skip commercials?
Questions on DVR, COMSKIP, EDL, Plex and Quicktime Playback

What does this do? I just got a ‘false’ reply


Sounds like you clicked the link, and it says false because the hack is not enabled. To enable it you need to upgrade to the prerelease and then run that curl command in Terminal. It will return true, and you will see edl files next to all your recordings.


Nice, one less cron job now :joy:


I had upgraded to the pre-release, but I was trying with a web browser. It worked fine with curl on the terminal. Thanks!

Still wonder what it does though. Is this now fully automatic, or am I supposed to call this URL periodically?


It’s automatic after the commercial detection is run; I tested it out this morning with Good Morning America. It also sets the EDL to 3 from the 0 that’s in the Logs/comskip edl.


All of my recordings now have edl!. :gift: :ribbon: :gift_heart:

I think I just died and went to DVR Heaven. My total dream has come true due to Channels and Devs.

@tmm1 Awesome…thank you so very much for being a fantastic developer and person. I cannot express my fullest gratitude enough. :sob: (of Joy)

P.S. Now husband will finally fully use Channels. And I won’t have to intervene at all! Happy Days

Comskip upgrade

I also want to thank @timstephens24 for publishing his script to provide the ability address to prior recordings and then run as a cron job on latest recordings. Although, I didn’t have to use based on @tmm1 new curl (including update of previous recordings) I was very impressed…and was ready to run.

Very glad that others have published their solutions as it is a tremendous help for those of use who are script challenged. Makes me more very much interested in learning more. Thanks again.


Seriously, the responsiveness of the channels devs is truly awesome. That was less than 24 hours from my suggestion to incorporate the functionality to actually implementing. This in itself is well worth the monthly fee (and gratitude)!


Just to let you all know: @avdp @timstephens24 @tmm1

You have created a commskip monster in my household :smiling_imp:

My husband loves this so much, he now wants this capability on ATV…he is not satisfied with just the Shield (running Kodi) which I was planning on installing in the bedroom. Go figure! Should have known he’d want more.

Hopefully, I can now install our Kodi capable Shield in the LR and use a secondary feed (off an HDMI switch) to the bedrom. We have ATV4 in most rooms but he’s so enthralled with Channels using Kodi (with edl…full Comskip) on the Shield, he already wants more. Guess it’s possible to add Kodi to all atvs with a developers account, but currently (without) can only use for 7 days.

Any other ideas for this conundrum would be appreciated. :smiley:


MrMC works off EDLs (Kodi 16 port so not sure what skin he likes) so he could use that with the ATV4/ATV4K. That’s what I was actually testing out support for EDL support for back in July when I initially wrote that script. I generally use that for movies but TV is Channels/Hulu/DTVN Beta.