Edl file location


The second command must be done via a powershell console.

The first one seems to work, although you have an extra β€œ9” at the end of the URL.

Once the correct command is issued you will see .edl files appear in your TV folders.


I am not sure if I copied that 9 down or what by accident, but I tried it again without the 9 and it brought up β€˜true’. We will see if this is a success after the next recorded show. Thank you again for the help @tmm1 and @ImNotSerious


It appears to be working the way it is supposed to. Thank you again for the help on this.


Since the last post is a few months old, I'm wondering if this is only accessible on a pre-release or if this ability is active on command. Also, I've seen instructions on how to activate this on Windows 10 and Android. Can anyone help me out with macOS?


You can run the curl command on a Mac too.


I know your post is almost a year old, but I have a follow-up question: Did you need to do anything to tell MrMC to use the edl to skip commercials? I have the edl file in the same folder as the video file, but MrMC is not skipping commercials.


How do you have MrMC scanning for the files? SMB, NFS, Plex, Emby?


The files are on the Plex server.


Plex doesn't work with EDL files, so it won't pass that to MrMC. You'd need to use SMB or NFS to scan the files instead of using Plex as the backend.


Crap. Thanks for the info.


I’m using the Emby Server (prior to latest update). As I think that the latest update requires an Emby Pay Pass to utilize on all servers except the Shield (Android Server).

Suggest you try SMB.

@timstephens24 correct me if I am wrong!


From what I've seen, SMB is Windows only. If I had Windows I would just use MCEBuddy with Channels and be done with it. I'm considering a mini pc.


Additionally, this would probably work as a Win 10 computer:

I tested the precursor ACEPC GK1 and it was able to run Channels DVR. Don’t know about capabilities with MCEBuddy, as MCEBuddy is really CPU intensive. My only con was the sound on the fan on GK1...my understanding (6 months ago) was that the GK2 would be released without a fan...internal heatsink instead...? if this is the current configuration.

Best bet is to try MrMC first...it is fairly good for auto commskip with Channels edl file.

Also, using a Harmony Smart remote will work with Channels with one button press at each commercial skip. If you revert to ATV 4, the remote double press does work after experimenting with timing with the double press.


This is the one I posted in the "best hardware" thread.


I like yours. It's less expensive and has room for a 2.5" drive.


You can make SMB shares on a Mac too.


SMB is not Windows only. SMB v3 is the default filesharing protocol on Macs for the last couple releases of macOS. Also, most NAS hardware runs some variety of Linux which uses Samba to serve SMB shares to Windows and other clients.

(While geared towards Linux, and Arch more specifically, this article has some great information for using Samba: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Samba . Also, I believe that Samba also serves as the foundation of macOS's SMB implementation.)


Aaahhh...good catch...however, SMB works with Win AND Linux.

My Channels recordings are stored on a Linux NAS, so it would probably work for me. :grinning:

Also, before adding the GK1 I was dual booting my 2011 iMac via thunderbolt for Win. I think that 2012+ iMacs can dual boot via USB 3 (2011 only USB 2). However, I like the convenience of having a separate Win device


I'm looking for the easiest solution possible. :slight_smile:


Emby doesn't support EDL files, either.