Error Message: Tuner Reception Problems

For the first time tonight, this alert has been constantly popping up in the top, right corner of my TV screen when watching live tv:

Reception problems are causing issues with signal

I've never seen it before.

The funny thing is, I'm not having any trouble with the signal — it's perfect.

Is there a way to make this stop popping up every minute and a half?

I'm running the latest beta on an Apple TV HD.

Please click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics after you see this pop up and we will see what's going on.

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Probably the new experimental HDHomeRun network tuning system
They're running betas for both Apple TV

and Android

Thanks! My problem isn't that the alert pops up, it's that it keeps popping up and there is absolutely no problem with the stream nor the picture. Zero stuttering and crystal clear.

Diagnostics from the player will let us see why and fix this. You can also go into the app settings and turn off the signal notification feature.

Thanks! I'll try that.

Im still seeing notifications after turning this off. Its not helpful and would like it not to show. ITS DISTRACTING
Beta (105.24.1654)

What is showing? Please submit diagnostics.

I don't care if there are signal issues. I just want this to go away. I know I have reception issues. This information does nothing for me but a nuisance while watching Live TV. I have turned this notification off but it still appears.

Turn it off in settings. I had to toggle this to get it to actually stop showing.

@kennyb3653 You're talking about Android TV right?

@mike_here Was that experience on Apple or Android TV?

@kennyb3653 we identified a problem on Android and will release an update that respects the setting for signal notifications.

@tmm1 -- Android - after the feature first launched.

Please update to the latest Android beta and update the setting and it will no longer show the signal notification.

Thanks Eric and Aman for quickly fixing this. No pop ups last night.

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