ESPN+ & FOX Sports with Custom Channels via EPlusTV

I'm not familiar with that particular feature in Channels, but I'll look at the metadata and see if there is something missing from last year

I appreciate it. I can't remember exactly where it was because I accidentally obliterated my season pass from last year. I think it may have been in the subtitle maybe? If there was for example, local broadcasts for both the Kraken and the Avalanche, while they were playing each other. I could key in on the one that said "Avalanche Broadcast" for my season pass, to only record the local Avs broadcast.

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I'd like to request this as well. I don't care about a dedicated 4k channel but an extended feed from a channel would be really helpful for when a game runs long like all MLB games do. I continue to run into issues where my recordings are interrupted after 3.5 hours because the next program is starting on a totally different channel.

Last night's ALCS game was a perfect example. I had it running with an hour padding but after just 30 minutes extra it switched from the live 4k feed to a college football show on the Big 10 Network which is 720. Having the two resolutions really messes up the recording not to mention it sucks not having the whole game.

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I cannot figure out how to hide the extra ESPN+ channels that are not active from my guide. These empty channels do not show up in the ON NOW section, but do so in the vertical guide. Anyone figure this out already?

I would love this feature as well. I want to use Channels to record NHL games, and it lists two feeds for most games. I want the Calgary Flames broadcast, but the guide data does not differentiate between the two. But when you use ESPN+ to watch the game, it gives the option, for example, for "Flames Broadcast" or "Sabres Broadcast"

With the way espn plus works using channels collections is a must. Create a collection, use automatic section, exclude all your sources but plus, and choose sports in the drop-down below keywords. Obviously this won’t stop the 150 channels from showing in the all channels list but it condenses them down and only shows channels that are actually playing.

FWIW, the first post in this thread details that strategy:

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@Fofer tried that approach and it works for the top tabs, but it still places emply channels in the vertical guide you access on the left hand side.

I want to hide the empty channels from the list if at all possible.

You can’t remove the empty channels from “all channels” list. However you could make a collection of a combination of active espn+ (using the automatic section) and every other channel you have(using the manual add section)and call it ”All Channels”. Essentially giving you a new “all”channels list that doesn’t show the non active espn+ channels. Unfortunately I don’t think you can remove the all list like you can remove favorites list.

Edit: you can disable “all channels” collection on both tvOS and android.

Sorry, I did a scan through here but can't find clear instructions on how to change service providers. I dropped Hulu and went with Fubo but can't figure out how to change credentials?

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Delete your config folder and restart the container


At least on the tvOS client, you can:
Settings → General → Live TV → All Channels Collection → Off

I'll add in an additional buffer for games. Maybe 30-60 minutes?

Go Avs :wink:

For NHL games, the title of the program will look like this: New York Rangers vs. Seattle Kraken (Rangers Broadcast), so you should be able to have something like Avalanche Broadcast and that should work...

This will be rolling out today

Using Synology NAS. When I browse my folders through File Station, can't locate where the config folder is? Any pointers to find it?

Found a post explaining how to do this using Portainer. Thanks.

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An extra 60 minute buffer would be amazing thanks!

Updated my container this morning. Including the sport in the event title is very helpful. Thanks!

How did you get this to show? I just updated my container and then reloaded the m3u and even did a delete and recreate guide db and the sport doesn't show in the title.

I haven’t been following along perfectly here but I just want to be clear about things.

Channels clients swap the title and event title for sports (airings with the category of Sports event) when displaying so they always show the info that’s more important.

This does not happen on the web guide. So I would not optimize for that as it would then be worse on the clients, which are generally more important.

I’ll see if I can fix things on web soon so they match, as this kind of sucks and is possibly confusing the great work being done here.