Exit PIP?

Oh cool. I missed that

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It is next to the Menu button on the Siri remote.

This 10000%


Ok. What do you with a Harmony? They have a Menu and home, no Tv button for the Apple tv.

I would guess you could program the Harmony for the TV button. I haven't programmed my Harmony for awhile but I know you can teach some of them IR codes.

Thanks, The tv button for the Apple tv isn't in the Harmony settings.

It is if you pair via bluetooth.

Really? I thought it would be too but I don’t see it. Here is the list of commands I have:

Maybe there are different versions of the device?

You have to set up the Apple TV as a new bluetooth device to get the tv button.
Add Device > Entertainment
Device Manufacturer Name: Harmony Pro
Mode Number: BT Apple TV 4

TV and Home are the same I think

That’s what I was missing. Thanks.

We're testing some improvements for PIP on Apple TV, to better integrate with Harmony and allow easier ways to start/stop PIP.

Please try the new TestFlight build and provide your feedback here: BETA: PIP on Apple TV improvements (TestFlight)

Agreed. Is it possible to have it operate this way? Would be just like Tivo :slight_smile:

Setting the PIP window to the auto setting and moving to the top right of the guide is a nice fix. The only thing that would be nice is when I actually exit the app that the PIP window closes. Maybe a setting choice. Like "Auto Close" so those that want the PIP to stay open until they decide to shut it down might work. That would also fix the Harmony Hub Remote issue of not being able to focus on the PIP window. I actually need to dig my apple remote out to close the PIP window. Also maybe allow the placement of the PIP window on the Amazon firetv

Yes this would make more sense. If auto enter on menu, auto exit pip on selecting the same or other video.

you are responding to an old post. The mentioned functionality has already been implemented.

It currently goes into PIP automatically but doesn’t exit automatically.

Double click the touchpad on the show and it will return to full screen

Understood, but on any other set top box that automatically enters PIP when you go into the guide, selecting a new channel makes the playback window go full screen again. Channels’s behavior of keeping the new channel in the playback window is strange, and I’ve had set top boxes from 4 different cable providers and 2 live tv streaming providers over the last 5-10 years that didn’t work that way.